Chicago Blackhawks’ Best At Each Sweater, Nos. 11-20

By Colin Likas
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No. 18: C Denis Savard (1980-90; 1994-97)

The number went into the rafters after he wore it in Chicago (I realize this also happened with Keith Magnuson‘s No. 3, but Pierre Pilote‘s contributions to the team were greater, in my opinion). Savard was the predecessor to Patrick Kane on the ice, but the things Savard was doing were pretty much unseen in his time.

Namely, that would include the spin-o-rama, which Kane has taken as part of his game. Savard’s keen eye, quick hands and quicker feet netted him more than 100 points five times in Chicago, including a career-best 131 in 1987-88.

The Hall of Famer and seven-time All-Star never won a Cup in Chicago and never got any postseason award wins (plenty of votes), but his contributions to the Blackhawks and the game of hockey obviously can’t be understated.

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