Chicago Blackhawks: 5 Memorable Comebacks In Joel Quenneville Era

By Colin Likas
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The Chicago Cubs are looking for a major World Series comeback, and the Chicago Blackhawks know something about that

Professional baseball in Chicago could be finished tonight for the calendar year 2016, if the Chicago Cubs are unable to grab a World Series win against the Cleveland Indians.

You know which Chicago team is pretty good at mounting comebacks? The Chicago Blackhawks. At least under Joel Quenneville, the Blackhawks have been a pretty effective come-from-behind machine.

I’m not going to say the following five comebacks are the absolute best the Blackhawks have put together under Coach Q. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. But they’re the ones that immediately stuck out to me.

So, with at least part of Chicago hoping for a baseball comeback tonight, let’s look at some hockey comebacks.

Oct. 12, 2009: Blackhawks stun Flames

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This is the only regular-season moment on this list. With all the playoff success the Blackhawks have had under Coach Q, a lot of the regular-season games tend to mesh together. Not this one, though.

In their fifth game of what would turn out to be a Stanley Cup-winning season, the Blackhawks started about as poorly as you can. Calgary, the road team, tallied five times in the first 11:43. So at least the Blackhawks had a decent amount of time to try and mount a comeback, but a five-goal lead is pretty substantial.

This game should’ve been an early sign Blackhawks fans would be witnessing a special season. John Madden got the Blackhawk on the board with a goal late in the first. Patrick Kane, Dustin Byfuglien and Dave Bolland each hit the twine in the second.

It seemed inevitable the Blackhawks would tie it, at this point. Patrick Sharp did so early in the third period, and Brent Seabrook sealed this one for Chicago 26 seconds into overtime.

Quite the comeback indeed, even if it didn’t come with postseason drama.