Chicago Blackhawks: 5 Memorable Comebacks In Joel Quenneville Era

By Colin Likas
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2013 Stanley Cup Final: Two Cup-winning comebacks

We all know how this one ended. Of course, it can be hard to remember the Blackhawks trailed 2-1 in this series. So there were really two comebacks here.

The Blackhawks had tallied just one across Games 2-3, so they needed a bit of a kick moving forward. They got it in Game 4, also (unfortunately) remembered as the “Corey Crawford glove” game. Chicago still won 6-5, finishing on an OT goal by Seabrook (he is good at that).

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Game 5 saw Kane pot a pair of goals in a pretty straightforward affair, flipping the series ledger and sending the action to Boston.

This game was as tight as you might expect a potential road clincher to be. Chris Kelly scored in the first period for Boston, while Toews found the twine in the second for Chicago. A Milan Lucic goal past the halfway mark of the third had it looking like a Game 7 back in Chicago was likely.

With less than two minutes to go, the Blackhawks were simply trying to maintain zone possession and get Andrew Shaw‘s face to stop bleeding. Both of those things eventually happened.

Crow would bolt for the bench, setting the Blackhawks up with six guys in the offensive zone. Kane, Toews and Keith all helped with a low board battle, with Keith eventually feeding Toews the puck even with the goal line. The captain threw it at Tuukka Rask, and a charging Bryan Bickell jammed home the rebound to tie the game.

But the Blackhawks weren’t finished with their comeback. Coach Q sent the third line on with just more than a minute remaining. It paid huge dividends as Johnny Oduya smashed a point shot off the post behind Rask, and Bolland got position on two Boston defenders to pot the rebound.

The double-comeback was officially complete 59 seconds later, as the Blackhawks had their second Stanley Cup in four seasons.