Chicago Blackhawks’ Game 7s, Ranked, Under Coach Joel Quenneville

By Colin Likas
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The Chicago Blackhawks haven’t played in many Game 7s of late, but when they have, the showdowns have been memorable

Tonight, the Chicago Cubs will try to break their 100-year-plus Major League Baseball title drought with Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians. Game 7s are typically one of the most exciting things in all of professional sports.

Two teams giving it their all, knowing tomorrow is not guaranteed for at least one. And with this Game 7 preceding the awarding of the league championship, it just adds an extra layer of intensity.

The Chicago Blackhawks under coach Joel Quenneville haven’t played in a Game 7 during the Stanley Cup Final. All three of their championship runs in this current era saw the Blackhawks mop things up in Game 6. Probably good for everyone’s heart.

Still, the Blackhawks have found themselves in a few Game 7s under Coach Q — five, to be exact. So let’s rank them by entertainment value (and not necessarily the result).

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No. 5: 2016 Western Conference quarterfinals, at St. Louis (3-2 loss)

I think this game is going to be remembered by Blues fans for a decent amount of time, especially considering the team didn’t make too many more amazing memories last season after dispatching the Blackhawks.

While this game had all the intensity you’d expect from a Game 7 between bitter rivals, there wasn’t really a defining moment that set it apart from other “big-time games.” The final goal scored was a really putzy battle in front of the net that Troy Brouwer came out on the winning end of.

That came after St. Louis jumped ahead 2-0 just about 14 minutes into the game, only for Chicago to tie things by the early stages of the second period, on goals by Marian Hossa and Andrew Shaw.

After Brouwer tallied, the Blackhawks kept slamming away at usual-sieve Brian Elliott, but he wouldn’t give. You had the feeling the Blackhawks were probably the better team overall on this night, and they just didn’t grab the win.

That’s why this result ranks lowest on the list. And, of course, because the Blues won the game. How could I highly rank a Blues win?