Chicago Blackhawks’ Game 7s, Ranked, Under Coach Joel Quenneville

By Colin Likas
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No. 3: 2011 Western Conference quarterfinals, at Vancouver (2-1 OT loss)

This seires. Ohhhhh this series. The Canucks were trying to prove “third time is the charm” when facing the Blackhawks in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Chicago was just trolling Vancouver.

The President’s Trophy-winning Canucks had taken the series’ first three games handily. But, Raffi Torres decided to put his imprint on the series with attempted murder against Seabrook. Just the motivation the Blackhawks needed, apparently.

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Toews and his mishmash crew, following the first Cup firesale, stormed to 7-2 and 5-0 wins in Games 4 and 5, setting up a critical showdown at the United Center for Game 6. That game was almost definitely better than the game that would follow it, but Game 7 was no slouch.

These two teams were really bitter rivals at this point. Even after the Blackhawks had dumped some key pieces before the season, these two teams had ample hatred to spread. That’s why the atmosphere surrounding Game 7 was so electric.

You knew it would be a fight to the finish, and it was. But I’m not sure anyone could project exactly how that fight went down.

Alexandre Burrows scored less than three minutes in, and somehow it looked like that tally would stand up. Then, this happened:

This is one of those goals that it seems only the Blackhawks can produce. Shorthanded, from a guy who was halfway on his ass, with less than two minutes to play. You could’ve dropped a pin in Rogers Centre at that moment.

Of course, the ending didn’t work out well for Blackhawks fans. But the way that entire game went, and as a culmination to a truly wild series, made it really memorable.