Chicago Blackhawks’ Holiday Wish List And Potential Trade Targets

By Aaron Goldschmidt
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With the NHL season closing in on the holidays, the Chicago Blackhawks will again be buyers at this year’s trade deadline

With only a few teams distinguished as potential sellers, the Chicago Blackhawks need to find a couple more pieces to prepare for yet another Stanley Cup Playoffs run.

For potentially the ninth year in a row, the Chicago Blackhawks are set to compete for another Stanley Cup trophy. The ’Hawks currently sit in first place in the Central Division with 38 points, and  according to the Blackhawks have a 96.1% chance of making the playoffs.

This season has been experimental to say the least, but we’ve learned a lot about some of the Blackhawks’ young players. Getting NHL ice time has exposed different strengths and weaknesses among the rookies, but we’re starting to see some division.

Ryan Hartman and Tyler Motte seem to bring the most to the table with their ability to produce offensively and in the defensive zone, but the bottom six will need to be bolstered with more grit going into the playoffs.

Blackhawks’ wish list

  1. A permanent solution at left wing for the first line
  2. A respectable penalty kill percentage (currently 30th at 71.4 percent)
  3. One or two more veteran forwards to beef up the bottom six
  4. A center other than Jonathan Toews who can win faceoffs
  5. A healthy group heading into the playoffs

Honorable mention – A new contract for Artemi Panarin

Above is a wish list that is comprised of the holes the ‘Hawks should be filling, although this is easier said than done. Some of these problems can be fixed internally, but others will be upgraded via trade. Don’t be surprised if giving all of these young players ice time in the NHL has served as a showcase for their trade value.

Next we can explore some potential players the Blackhawks could trade for to fill some of these holes.