Chicago Blackhawks Roundtable: East Opponents And Points Leaders

By Colin Likas
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In this week’s edition of the Chicago Blackhawks roundtable, we take a look at the conference “across the pond” and the team’s points rankings

The Eastern Conference is sure on a roll of late, isn’t it? The Columbus Blue Jackets, Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens have been a tough crop to stop. The Chicago Blackhawks are doing their best to keep pace from the West.

While there’s far from a guarantee the Blackhawks make the Stanley Cup Final this season — as shown in their previous two setbacks, against Washington and Minnesota — it’s always interesting to think about matchups we don’t always see.

With the Eastern Conference as hot as it is at the top, we’re using half of today’s Chicago Blackhawks rountable to look at Blackhawks-Eastern Conference matchups. Here are both questions we posed to the Blackhawk Up crew:

Question 1: Which of the five standout Eastern Conference teams (Columbus, Washington, Pittsburgh, New York Rangers and Montreal) would you be most interested in seeing the Blackhawks take on in a seven-game series, and why?

Question 2: Which one of the Blackhawks forwards from outside the Panarin-Anisimov-Kane line do you think will finish with the most points this regular season, how many points and why?

As a side note for the second question, Duncan Keith is currently the leader in that category with 31 points, two behind Artem Anisimov and well behind Artemi Panarin (43) and Patrick Kane (47).

With the questions out there, let’s see what our writers had to say this week.