Chicago Blackhawks Roundtable: East Opponents And Points Leaders

By Colin Likas
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Greg Bradshaw

Question 1: Personally, I think a matchup with Washington would be the most intriguing. It’s obvious that the Capitals are a very well-rounded team from top to bottom. However, the Caps haven’t had any success in the playoffs while the Blackhawks typically become a whole different kind of animal en route to the Stanly Cup.

With so much on the line for both teams, I would be curious to see which team responds positively. Alex Ovechkin has never raised the Cup, so it would interesting to see the outcome of the two teams going at it.

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Question 2: While many ‘Hawks fans have seemingly thrown in the towel on Jonathan Toews this season, the captain will be the player to finish within the top five in points for the Blackhawks this year.

Sure, his numbers are down and his luck has been beyond terrible so far, but the season will turn around. Hopefully before it may be too late as the ‘Hawks are in desperate need of a boost from the top line especially.

George Clifford

Question 1: New York Rangers. The Blueshirts score a boatload of goals off the rush, but tend to give up grade-A chances going the other way. They play a mostly one-dimensional speed game in front of mediocre goaltending this year from Henrik Lundqvist. They’ll falter under the fatigue and pressure of a seven-game series against the Blackhawks.

If not them, bring on the Blue Jackets, who will have difficulty winning consistently down the stretch.

Question 2: Marian Hossa. Already leading the others with 25 points, Hossa will finish with 25 goals and 20 assists for 45 points on the season  Playing in all situations, he’ll stay healthy and compete for the team lead in goals, while his playmaking will net a bunch of helpers.