Chicago Blackhawks Roundtable: East Opponents And Points Leaders

By Colin Likas
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Sean Fitzgerald

Question 1: The most interesting team for me would be the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs have former Blackhawks assistant GM Marc Savard running the team. They also have coast-to-coast star and former Blackhawk Phillip Danault playing well. Danault has 9 goal and 15 points for 24 points this season.

Carey Price versus Patrick Kane would be a great matchup, top scorer vs. top goalie. I would also like to Ryan Hartman take on Andrew Shaw head-to-head to prove the Blackhawks got the better deal.

Question 2: Marian Hossa will finish with the most points outside the Kane line. He currently has the most goals outside that line. He will finish with over 20 goals and close to 60 points.

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The play of Jonathan Toews and Vincent Hinostroza will help propel Hossa to the most points.

Aaron Goldschmidt

Question 1: Pittsburgh for sure. Playing the reigning Stanley Cup champs for a chance for them to repeat would be phenomenal. We got to see Jonathan Toews vs. Sidney Crosby in the Stadium Series game, but never in a playoff series. It would probably be as exciting as the 2013 Cup series with Boston.

Question 2: It’s a little late for Toews to catch up in points, so I’m going with Duncan Keith. He’s on the ice more than anybody else and never has a problem just throwing it towards the net with an open lane. 50-60 points is probably where he will end up at the end of the season.