NHL Power Rankings: Chicago Blackhawks Will Need More Depth

By Aaron Goldschmidt
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NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Los Angeles Kings
NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Los Angeles Kings /

67. Sitting in the last wild card spot in the conference, the LA Kings continue to be the roaches of the league. Just how they play the Blackhawks, the Kings are not out of it until you squash them dead. This is still not a team the Blackhawks want to see in the playoffs even with their recent early departures in the post season. Jonathan Quick will be back mid-February from injury which will give a huge boost to them defensively. Jeff Carter is playing absolutely out of his mind with 23 goals and 17 assists on the year. At 32, he doesn’t seem to be showing signs of slowing down.. . Previous: 15th. Los Angeles Kings. 17. team