Chicago Blackhawks’ Hot And Not: Role Players Have Nice Week

By Colin Likas
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Sometimes, a Chicago Blackhawks analysis has only one good game to focus on, as is the case with this week’s Hot and Not

A comeback win for the Chicago Blackhawks against the Colorado Avalanche is really the only positive influence for this week’s Hot and Not. The Blackhawks were lit up by the Washington Capitals last Friday and lost to the Minnesota Wild last Sunday.

Thankfully, they turned a 4-3 advantage through two periods at the Pepsi Center on Tuesday into a 6-4 victory over the lowly Avs. This should give the team some momentum heading into Friday’s matchup against a team the Blackhawks don’t see much of, the Boston Bruins.

Thankfully, the win against Colorado gave us enough fuel for this week’s Hot and Not, while the previous two losses did plenty on the negative side. Let’s begin, shall we?