Chicago Blackhawks, NHL 3 Stars: Little To Be Happy For In Chicago

By Colin Likas
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This week’s edition of the Chicago Blackhawks and NHL 3 Stars doesn’t have much positivity for our favorite team

Last week’s version of the Chicago Blackhawks and NHL 3 Stars handled the Blackhawks’ most recent victory, a triumph last Sunday against the Vancouver Canucks. Today, that leaves me with two ugly losses to take stats from.

The Blackhawks, after having not lost in regulation since 2014 a game in which they led entering the third period, pulled the trick twice last week, falling 5-2 to Tampa Bay after leading 2-1 and dropping a 5-3 decision to Winnipeg after leading 3-2.

So please excuse this week’s 3 Stars not being incredibly in-depth, as the Blackhawks didn’t give us a whole lot of good to highlight. When you give up 10 goals in two games, your goaltenders aren’t going to get a lot of love (though they were far from the sole reason the Blackhawks allowed so many tallies).

So we’ll stick with the regular skaters. Thankfully, we have some strong NHL performances from the past week to raise the median level as well.