Chicago Blackhawks Roundtable: Team Worries And All-Star Wrapup

By Colin Likas
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The NHL All-Star Game is behind us now, which means it’s time for Chicago Blackhawks fans to worry about their team again

What do you worry about most right now when you think of the Chicago Blackhawks? Something on the offense? On the defense? In net? Behind the bench? At the United Center concession stands?

That’s going to be one focal point of today’s Chicago Blackhawks roundtable. The “second half” of the season gets underway for the Blackhawks on Tuesday with a trip to San Jose. It’s really only the second half in name, as the Blackhawks have far surpassed the halfway point in games played, but you get the point.

Anyway, the Blackhawks clearly have some bugs to work out, as the offense has been streaky and holding leads has not been the team’s forte of late.

Let’s get to the pair of questions we lobbied to our stable of writers this week:

Question 1: What’s the biggest hole the Blackhawks need to fill in order to win consistently in the season’s second half (and postseason)?

Question 2: What was your favorite part of the NHL All-Star Weekend and why?

Let’s see what everyone had to say this week.