Chicago Blackhawks Roundtable: Team Worries And All-Star Wrapup

By Colin Likas
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Aaron Goldschmidt

Question 1: I think the Blackhawks still have a lot of premier talent on their team, it’s the desire that’s lacking. The goaltending has been good all year, the defense is deep and goal scoring has never been a problem.

Once the season starts winding down, the Blackhawks will kick it into gear like usual and begin to focus on the playoffs. But adding some size and grit to the bottom six would definitely help.

Question 2: I love the Fastest Skater competition. When you think All-Star Weekend, you probably think of guys gingerly skating up and down the ice shooting at wide-open nets, but you don’t get that in the Fastest Skater competition.

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I was blown away with the explosiveness of Connor McDavid and some of the other emerging young players. Making the All-Star Game 3-on-3 with the divisions going against each other is another great way to make the weekend watchable.

Gail Kauchak

Question 1: To me, there is a pretty obvious answer to this question. The ’Hawks need to find a left wing to play on the top line with Jonathan Toews (and potentially Marian Hossa) at the trade deadline.

The “second” line of Artemi PanarinArtem AnisimovPatrick Kane is lethal, but if teams can concentrate on shutting it down, the ’Hawks are done for. They need to have a legitimate threat on the top line as well.

Adding a player who can complement Toews and Hossa like Brandon Saad did, and Patrick Sharp before him, would do wonders for the offense and the potential to make a deep run into the playoffs.

It might be argued that the ’Hawks need help on defense as well. But the fact that they recalled Gustav Forsling yesterday leads me to believe they are planning on handling this in-house.

Question 2: When they did a tribute to John Scott before the final game between the Metropolitan Division and the Pacific Division.

Nothing is going to beat last year’s John Scott story for a long, long time. By the way, Braden Holtby should have gotten MVP. Did you see how many great saves he made?! Wayne Simmonds?! Simmonds?! Whatever. Goalies always get the shaft.