Chicago Blackhawks Roundtable: First-Round Opponents And Fights

By Colin Likas
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We’re getting down to the final few weeks of the NHL regular season, and it’s time to try and picture who the Chicago Blackhawks will open the playoffs against

The Stanley Cup Playoffs will be here before you know it for the Chicago Blackhawks and 15 other NHL teams. April 12 is the official first day of hockey’s postseason, so we have about one month until we get there.

That leaves us wayyyyy too much time to try and figure out who the Blackhawks will take on in the first round. Regardless of whether or not the Blackhawks overtake the Minnesota Wild for first in the Central Division, there appears a good chance they could face one of two teams in the opening round.

The Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues currently have the fewest points among Western Conference postseason teams, at 77 and 75 respectively. If the season ended today, the Blackhawks would take on the Nashville Predators, and the Wild would host the St. Louis Blues.

Certainly there are other options for the Blackhawks in the opening round (Edmonton, Calgary, Los Angeles and even Anaheim based on a number of things changing between now and April 9, end of the regular season). But today we’re going to focus on the Preds and Blues as part of our Chicago Blackhawks roundtable.

Here are this week’s official questions:

Question 1: Would you rather see the Blackhawks face Nashville or St. Louis in the playoffs’ first round and why?

Question 2: Which Blackhawk getting in a fight would most intrigue you and why?

Let’s see what our esteemed panel of Blackhawk Up writers had to say this week.