Chicago Blackhawks Roundtable: First-Round Opponents And Fights

By Colin Likas
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Jeff Franklin

Question 1: Definitely the Nashville Predators. Even as inconsistent as the Blues have been this season, they have shown they can beat the Blackhawks in the postseason. Also, Vladimir Tarasenko has been a nightmare for the Blackhawks one I would like to avoid come playoff time.

The Predators are a great team and it wouldn’t be an easy series, but one I could see the Blackhawks winning in five games. I truly feel a Blues series would go to seven for a second straight year.

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Question 2: I have to go Patrick Kane here. He’s a player who is pretty much built on skill and finesse, and seeing him scrap would be funny sight.

Although, I don’t want him going after anyone other than a player like Johnny Gaudreau. A fight between those two would be absolutely legendary. Call Dana White, let’s make it happen!

Aaron Goldschmidt

Question 1: At this point, it looks like St. Louis and Nashville are trending in opposite directions.  Nashville looks like it is ready to take the next step despite having a slow start to the season while St. Louis has been regressing all year.

This is a tough question because Nashville has a lot of talent on its team, but at the same time I never want to face a rival like St. Louis in the playoffs. If I had to pick on, probably St. Louis because of all the changes they’ve gone through this year.