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Chicago Blackhawks: Duncan Keith Celebrates His Birthday

CHICAGO, IL - MARCH 21: Duncan Keith
CHICAGO, IL - MARCH 21: Duncan Keith /
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CHICAGO, IL – MARCH 21: Duncan Keith
CHICAGO, IL – MARCH 21: Duncan Keith /

The top defenseman for the Chicago Blackhawks is 34 years old today!

I don’t think you’ll find many people to argue when I say Duncan Keith is the best defenseman for the Chicago Blackhawks.  As a matter of fact, most would agree he’s one of the best defensemen in the league.  After all, he’s won 2 Norris Trophy’s, the Conn Smythe Trophy in 2015, 3 Stanley Cups, and 2 Olympic gold medals with his native country of Canada.  This past January, he was named one of the ‘100 Greatest NHL Players’ in history.

But this only tells a part of the story.  Keith is well known for his incredibly high fitness level.  I was able to uncover an article I read back in 2015 when the Chicago Blackhawks were competing in the Stanley Cup Final against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  It’s an excellent read.  It discusses the insane amount of minutes Keith was playing, and how hard it is to sustain his high level of play for that long.

My favorite part of this article was when Keith’s college conditioning coach found him riding a stationary bike after a game during back-to-back playing nights.  His coach told him he needed time to rest and recover, and Keith just looked at him and kept pedaling.

Apparently, Keith’s idea of rest and recovery is quite different than most people’s.