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Chicago Blackhawks Greatest 100- #68 Gary Suter

2000 Season: Chicago defenseman Gary Suter. (Photo by Brian Winkler/Getty Images)
2000 Season: Chicago defenseman Gary Suter. (Photo by Brian Winkler/Getty Images) /

Some Chicago Blackhawks greats are homegrown, while some come via trade, and some you wish had played in their prime. 

Gary Suter came up with the Calgary Flames in 1985, and he was such a good rookie that he skated away with the Calder trophy.

Suter was on the 1988 Calgary Flames team that surprised most of the NHL when they won the Stanley Cup. It was in the middle of the Edmonton Oilers dynasty years that made it such a surprise.

Suter would get traded to the Hartford Whalers and then one day later become a Chicago Blackhawk.

Suter and Chris Chelios quickly became the Chicago Blackhawks shut down pairing in the early 1990’s, and they were fun to watch.

Suter was an offensive player that started struggling with injuries as he got older with the Hawks which really hurt his performance.

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Suter was a workout guy which is why he and Chelios really clicked on and off the ice. You would have thought he would played into his 40’s with all the working out but his body failed him.

His brother was part of the 1980 Miracle on Ice, and his nephew is the very strong defenseman with the Minnesota Wild.

It sure would have been nice to see Suter wear the Chicago Blackhawks uniform from the outset when he was younger, but he still played over 300 games with the Chicago Blackhawks and really stood out during the 1990’s as a very solid defenseman.

Suter played 1,145 games in his career in the NHL, and is 68th on our list this year.  What are your memories of Suter?

Only 68 days are left in this summer before the Chicago Blackhawks host the Pittsburgh Penguins at the United Center!