Chicago Blackhawks’ Potential Roster Heading Into 2020 Offseason

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 27: Goalie Corey Crawford
CHICAGO, IL - MAY 27: Goalie Corey Crawford /
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Let’s have some fun and take a look ahead at what the Chicago Blackhawks’ potential roster could be in three years, when the salary cap has likely continued to rise and the team has a little more money to work with

With the NHL offseason that we’re seeing go by, it is more evident than ever that things can look very different, very quickly on a team’s roster. This is even more true for a team that is consistently up against the salary cap like the Chicago Blackhawks are.

But with several of the moves made this summer, general manager Stan Bowman has prepared the Blackhawks to stay together a bit with contracts extending out for several years. If players are successful with the team, the likelihood is Bowman will not need to trade many of his assets to keep his team under the salary cap. 

So, what will the Blackhawks look like in, say, three seasons? Which players will be making up the lines and defensive pairings for the team? What will the Chicago Blackhawks look like entering the 2020-21 season?

Let’s take a look and guess what we may see. (Note: A potential lockout in September 2020 is being ignored for the sake of this article, and we will live in a happy future world where the next round of collective bargaining actually goes smoothly somehow).