Chicago Blackhawks Roundtable: Fourth-Liners And Vegas Celebrities

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Colin Likas

Question 1: If the Blackhawks are going to continue to push a super-aggressive forecheck with their fourth line, they should continue using Wingels as that line’s center. The style of play fits better with what Wingels has done throughout his career.

Kero can turn the ice for you (though not at Marcus Kruger levels), and that is certainly important. I think he’ll find a more regular spot in the lineup as the season goes on. But the style with which Kero plays doesn’t feed as well into aggressive forechecking as that of Wingels.

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As far as offense goes, I figure it’s close to a wash. Neither guy is a big playmaker, though Kero is a bit more talented in that regard. He’d still be surrounded by Lance Bouma and John Hayden, though, so the chances to score are going to be few and far between anyway.

Question 2: I wish Niklas Hjalmarsson was still in Chicago for this question. He’d be a fun guy to watch host a Vegas-style show. I’m going to go with Marian Hossa, though. I feel like he has a very understated style of humor that is engaging and would fare well in entertainment. While Vegas is all about over the top acts, I think Hossa could become popular with a more subtle, nuanced type of humor or entertainment.

Matthew Morrow

Question 1: I think Tommy Wingles. He has been around a lot longer and has more playoff experience than Kero. While Kero may provide a little more offense, Wingles is a lot more reliable, and provides a much needed physical aspect. The current fourth line of Bouma, Wingles and Hayden is surprisingly overperforming. Don’t fix what isn’t broken!

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Question 2: My immediate thought was Andrew Shaw. But, as far as current Blackhawks go, I’d say Patrick Sharp. Previously being named Chicago’s Sexiest Athlete, Sharp has a face and charisma that’s made for TV. He’s always very involved and vocal, and is famous around the Blackhawks locker room for his excessive pranking. It seems like that comes up at every Blackhawks Convention that he attends!