Chicago Blackhawks Toews Tracker: 22 Games into the Season

By Tim Martens
MONTREAL, QC - OCTOBER 10: Brandon Saad
MONTREAL, QC - OCTOBER 10: Brandon Saad /
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CHICAGO, IL – MARCH 19: Jonathan Toews
CHICAGO, IL – MARCH 19: Jonathan Toews /


While the resurgence of Jonathan Toews, or perhaps the hopeful reimagining of him as an offensive juggernaut, has not fully come to fruition through the first 22 games of the season, the Saad-Toews-Panik line has arguably been the best line for the team this season. With a fair share of offensive production, strong face-off numbers from Toews, and a significant advantage in team possession with these three players on the ice, the top line has been strong for the Blackhawks.

The hope for the team will continue to be that this line can find a way to exceed expectations at the offensive end. All three players have had some of the lowest shooting percentages of their careers, meaning shots are still getting on goal, but just not finding the back of the net. This is consistent for the entire team, as the Blackhawks have an 8.8 shooting percentage compared to the league average of 9.3.

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If Saad, Toews, and Panik continue to be dominant in possession when on the ice, you can hope that those shooting percentages and offensive stats will start to rise soon. And if they do, it could spell great things for a Blackhawks team that is starting to play better hockey. We will have to wait and see and check in again with the Toews Tracker in a few weeks.