Chicago Blackhawks’ Zone Entries, Net-Front Presence Helping Offense

By Stephen Yatsushiro
MONTREAL, QC - OCTOBER 10: Brandon Saad
MONTREAL, QC - OCTOBER 10: Brandon Saad /
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The shortest distance between any two points is a straight path, something the Chicago Blackhawks are finding out about on the offensive end

After a demoralizing loss to the New Jersey Devils back on Dec. 14, the Chicago Blackhawks decided to define their identity by simplifying their offense.  The common element has been a commitment to pushing the puck forward at all times.  By following a simple law of physics that the shortest distance between any two paths is a straight line, the ‘Hawks have found that physics can be on their side.

Beloved ‘Hawks TV analyst Eddie Olczyk always preaches about getting to the net.  This is what the ‘Hawks are now doing, and it is paying dividends.  Additionally, the ‘Hawks are positioning two men in front of the net for both shooting and rebound opportunities.  Let’s take a look at the last four games and how getting to the net is paying off for the ‘Hawks.