Chicago Blackhawks: Is A Trade Brewing?

By Matt Morrow
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CHICAGO, IL – MARCH 19: Tomas Jurco
CHICAGO, IL – MARCH 19: Tomas Jurco /

What Do The ‘Hawks Have To Work With?

Personally, I feel that all three transactions on Monday morning were trade related. Getting Franson off the books gives Stan a substantial amount of money to work with, and giving Jurco playing time showcases him for other NHL teams.

Recently, fellow BlackhawkUp writer Tim Martens did a nice job summing up for us some potential trading chips that the Blackhawks have.

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Furthermore, John Jaeckel of summed up the money situation nicely for us this morning:

Add that to the Hossa LTIR money, and these moves alone should give Stan a little over $6,000,000 to work with, aside of the players who may be included in a potential trade.