Chicago Blackhawks’ Trade Deadline Speculation And Options

By Ryan Leidig
CHICAGO, IL - JANUARY 07: Jordan Oesterle
CHICAGO, IL - JANUARY 07: Jordan Oesterle /
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CHICAGO, IL – JANUARY 07: Jordan Oesterle
CHICAGO, IL – JANUARY 07: Jordan Oesterle /

With the NHL trade deadline approaching, what are the Chicago Blackhawks going to do amid a season that looks destined for an early summer?

Last place in the Central Division is not somewhere Chicago Blackhawks fans envisioned being at this point in the season. As the season continues, the Blackhawks are trying to stop the tailspin they have fallen into.

The goaltending has not been great, inconsistent offense and subpar defense have led to the ‘Hawks’ current standing. The loss of Corey Crawford seemed to be a proverbial nail in the coffin for this season.

There is no magic “fix” to turn this season around, but what happens this trade deadline could seriously impact the future of the club. More than anything, the ‘Hawks should keep their young players, prospects and picks.

Building for the future makes more sense than playing general manager Stan Bowman’s usual rental for a Cup run. With that being said, there are a couple trade targets that could help aid in the struggles.

Making the playoffs is obtainable, but to do so the Blackhawks need to go on a winning streak to keep hope alive. So adding a piece or two could be what the organization looks to do.

They could look to add someone who can help on the powerplay and add some offense, or somehow bolster their shaky back end. Or they can let the season run its course and give the young players all the opportunity to learn and develop for the coming seasons.

Here’s a closer look at the Blackhawks’ options for the 2018 trade deadline.