What position the Blackhawks should add in the NHL draft

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As of right now, the Chicago Blackhawks are set to have a really good draft pick. However, what the team does with it is still up for debate. Let’s breakdown what position the team should add with their draft pick this Spring.

There is a lot of different routes the Chicago Blackhawks could take with their draft pick. I know we are getting into hypotheticals but isn’t that what right now is all about for a team out of the playoff picture?

Chicago could opt to trade away their draft pick this spring if they wanted to compete for the Playoffs, but honestly, that wouldn’t do much to help the team. If Chicago opts to trade away their draft pick it does not guarantee a playoff position, and this roster is just already too thin.

Instead, I believe the Blackhawks should take a look at their roster and see what holes they could fix through the draft. Stan Bowman and company need to look to next season, which is why adding a highly talented young player might be the best move for the team. Let’s break down each position and see which one needs the most help moving into next season.

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