Chicago Blackhawks: Top 5 playoff goals of the decade

By Ryan Fedrau
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Chicago Blackhawks, Marian Hossa
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The Chicago Blackhawks were full of great moments during the 2010s. Today, we look back at the best playoff goals from the 2010s.

5. Marian Hossa, Game 5 vs Nashville in 2010

We start this list with Marian Hossa‘s Game 5 overtime goal against the Nashville Predators. In that game, the Chicago Blackhawks were down 3-2 when Hossa took a five-minute penalty. Not only did the Blackhawks kill off the penalty, but they also needed a goal.

Patrick Kane tied the game, while short-handed, to send the game to overtime. When Hossa finally got out of the box, he skated to the net. When in front of the net, the puck found its way to Hossa, for him to just tap it in.

After almost costing the Blackhawks the series, Hossa came up big for the team. That Game 5 win gave the Blackhawks the 3-2 series lead going back to Nashville. They’d take Game 6 and move on to the Stanley Cup Semi-Finals.

Of course, we all know what would happen. The Blackhawks would go on and win the Stanley Cup in 2010. That Hossa goal created all the drama the Blackhawks needed to win the Stanley Cup. I mean come on, how do you not win the Stanley Cup after drama like that?

After that game, Hossa became a Chicago legend, if he wasn’t already. It’s not only a top goal of the decade, but it’s also a top goal of all-time for the Blackhawks. This goal will be talked about for a long time.

Who knows, without this goal the Blackhawks dynasty might have never started. Thankfully, we will never have to find out if that was the case or not.