5 Coaches the Chicago Blackhawks Could Have Behind the Bench Soon

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Chicago Blackhawks, Jeremy Colliton
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The Chicago Blackhawks do not have the best team in the league. One way to improve their team would be bringing in a new head coach to help lead.

No disrespect to Jeremy Colliton, I am sure that someday he can be a great NHL coach, but he was given an incredible task to turn the Chicago Blackhawks around.

Colliton did his best last season, but this is not his team and never will be. Stan Bowman needs to own up for his mistakes and should be fired, but knowing John McDonough and Rocky Wirtz they won’t pull the plug on Stan Bowman.

McDonough and Wirtz are worried that if the Blackhawks do fire Bowman it will show that this team is rebuilding. They do not want to show that weakness, so instead we are stuck with yet another year where the Blackhawks are going to miss the playoffs.

I know that no coach is going to be able to do what Joel Quenneville did for the Blackhawks, but I put together a list of 5 coaches the Blackhawks should consider adding to turn things around.