5 Coaches the Chicago Blackhawks Could Have Behind the Bench Soon

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Peter Laviolette
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Peter Laviolette

Peter Laviolette has been a pretty successful coach at the NHL level. He has won the Stanley Cup once and has made it to the Stanley Cup final two other times during his career all with three different teams.

Laviolette has been with a handful of different teams since breaking into the league as a coach in 2001. He has been with the New York Islanders, Carolina Hurricanes, Philadelphia Flyers, and Nashville Predators. Laviolette has a 637-425-123 record as a coach. He would bring a lot of experience to the table with the Chicago Blackhawks, and he would be a veteran type of presence behind the bench.

Laviolette has played some of our players in the Stanley Cup Final, and it was his defense structure that ended our season in 2017. Maybe Laviolette can help turn our team around the same way he ended us a few years ago. Our last coach has a lot of experience with the team as well.