5 ex-Chicago Blackhawks I wish were still with the team

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The Chicago Blackhawks have lost a lot of great players throughout the years. So many that we could have easily looked at 10 players the Blackhawks are missing.

Today, let’s break down the five ex-Chicago Blackhawks I wish we could have had back. I know that the team is going to always have to keep moving forward no matter who exits the Chicagoland area, but that does not make things easier.

This list is not going to include players like Andrew Ladd or Dustin Byfuglien. I know that we could have used them during our seasons in 2010-2015, but they are not going to help the team now. Instead, I am looking at players from the last few seasons who I wish the team did not trade away.

All of these players left the organization via trade by Stan Bowman or a rare firing of a famous head coach.

So let’s jump right in! Before we begin I still find it weird to see these players in other organizations, but hey that is the business side of the NHL!