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Chicago Blackhawks: The 4 Best One Year Players

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Chicago Blackhawks, Brad Richards
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2. Brad Richards (2015)

Brad Richards joined the Blackhawks as a 34-year-old during the 2014 offseason. He was a veteran player who was towards the end of his NHL career. Richards, at the time, was a one-time Stanley Cup winner.

Unlike Madden, Richards was a stud on offense. In his 15 year career, he scored 298 goals and had 634 assists for 932 points. He also had two seasons where he cracked 91 points. Not bad for a third-round draft choice.

For the Blackhawks, Richards played in 76 of the team’s 82 games in 2015. He scored 12 goals and had 25 assists for 37 points. He brought that consistency to the center position that the Blackhawks needed.

During the playoffs, he found most of his success next to Patrick Kane. In 23 games, he scored three times and had 11 assists for 14 points. He won 48% of his faceoffs and laid the body on a lot of players.

With how physical he was, he did well on special teams. He deserves credit for being a solid number two behind Toews.

Richards was also apart of the goal Patrick Kane scored to clinch their third Stanley Cup in six seasons.

Richards will be in the Hockey Hall of Fame once he is eligible. He had a great career and not everyone can say they won two Stanley Cups.