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Chicago Blackhawks: The 4 Best One Year Players

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Robin Lehner, Chicago Blackhawks
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4. Robin Lehner (2020)

The loss of Robin Lehner is still fresh in the mind of many Blackhawks’ fans. He, in theory, gave the Blackhawks the best chance to win. Crawford, as of late, was playing better than him, that could be why the Blackhawks chose to trade Lehner over him. Obviously, with Stan Bowman, we’ll never know why Lehner had to end up on this list.

Lehner went 16-10-5 with the Blackhawks this season. He saved 91.8% of the shots that went his way. The only negative thing with Lehner this season was how he finished. He lost four of his last five starts with the Blackhawks.

Under-pressure, Lehner hasn’t handled himself well yet in his career on the ice. When the trade rumors became more real, he didn’t play as well. Last season in the playoffs, he played well in the first round and struggled during the second.

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What I liked about Lehner was his “I don’t care what you think about me” attitude. It rubbed off on a lot of the other players in the locker room. Both Toews and Kane were annoyed when they saw Lehner was traded. Lehner was also close with Alex Nylander, Nylander lived with Lehner.

At just 28 years old, he was a steal for the Vegas Golden Knights. The Golden Knights got Lehner for dirt cheap. Now, the Golden Knights have the best goalie tandem in all of hockey. Since the trade, Lehner is 2-0-0 with one shutout.

The question is, how long will he stay in Vegas? He said he’d take a discount to stay and play with the Blackhawks for another season, will he do the same for Vegas? If he doesn’t, he’ll be the hottest goalie on the market this offseason.

Any team that signs him will instantly be a playoff contender. I wish nothing but the best for Lehner.