Rating The Chicago Blackhawks’ Jerseys of the 2000s

Tony Amonte, Chicago Blackhawks (Elsa/ALLSPORT)
Tony Amonte, Chicago Blackhawks (Elsa/ALLSPORT) /
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Tony Amonte, Chicago Blackhawks
Tony Amonte, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Elsa/ALLSPORT) /

Throughout the 2000s, the Chicago Blackhawks saw many different jerseys. Here are the best ones they wore during that period.

Koho Black Jersey’s (1999-2007, 2009)

Tony Amonte is the poster boy of the Chicago Blackhawks‘ black jerseys, in my mind. When I think of them, I see Amonte skating down the ice with the “C” on his jersey.

These jerseys first came around in the 1990s, which were the first “black” Blackhawks’ jerseys the team wore since the 1930s. Of course, there were the black and red striped ones, but it was different.

In the 2000s, they removed the tan outline on the logo, something that was much-needed.

The black Koho jerseys gave a different feel than the red ones did. It kept that beautiful logo intact, while also removing the full-on red look, giving the fans an alternate jersey to rep. The fact that Chicago took a simple design and made it look cool proves just how great their uniforms truly are.

The black helmets completed the look. I love these jerseys, they’re perfect and help represent what the Blackhawks are all about. I wouldn’t mind seeing them make a return as an alternate.

I rate this jersey an ‘A+’.