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Chicago Blackhawks: Top 4 best two-way forwards

Dirk Graham, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images)
Dirk Graham, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images) /
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Steve Larmer, Chicago Blackhawks
Steve Larmer, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Rick Stewart /Allsport) /

3. Steve Larmer

Before there was Jonathan Toews or Marian Hossa, there was Steve Larmer. Number 28 won a Calder in 1982-83, he played 884 games in an uninterrupted streak, third all-time on the “Iron Man” list, and won the Stanley Cup in 1993-94 (sadly, with the New York Rangers, and not Chicago).

However, Larmer also played a strong defensive game and had 24 SHG in his career. Larmer is an example of a winger that was often in contention for the Selke trophy but never won.

A contract dispute saw him end up being traded to the Rangers, but he is without a doubt a great two-way forward. Hall of Famer? Retired Jersey?

Neither of these things has happened yet, but people certainly debate whether or not Larmer should be included in the Hockey Hall of Fame. (I say, “yes” to both.)

However, Larmer was so good, and such a vital part of the Blackhawks when he played for Chicago that he was one of the players invited to be a part of the “One More Shift” events.

He was that good and meant that much to the organization. He was also an incredible two-way forward.