Chicago Blackhawks: The 5 Best Draft Picks in 2010s

Brandon Saad, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Brandon Saad, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images) /
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Adam Boqvist, Chicago Blackhawks
Adam Boqvist, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images) /

2018 NHL Draft – Adam Boqvist – Round One, 8th overall

A bit of a tough one to analyze given it’s such a recent pick but as far as I am concerned Boqvist is proving he was the best selection at eight. Of course, this cannot truly be debated since most of the draft class is still developing.

As far as the future, Boqvist is panning out to be the number one defenseman with major offensive upside and the quarterback of the first powerplay. While his numbers may not be there yet, he is only 19 which is young compared to guys like Quinn Hughes and Rasmus Dahlin who are both 20 going on 21.

Boqvist is so young compared to the draft class that he was not far off from being a prospect in the 2019 draft, in which he no doubt would have been ranked the number one defenseman. This could be a big reason the Blackhawks were so high on him at the draft in Dallas.

With that said, his young age provides time to develop his skills and defensive abilities. Everyone knows about his extremely high upside which we began to see in glimpses this season. Although you can’t put a stamp on this one given that it was only two years ago, it safe to say that the Boqvist pick is likely to pay major dividends for the Blackhawks.