3 Questions the Blackhawks need to answer in 2020-21

Rocky Wirtz, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Rocky Wirtz, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Does a Brent Seabrook come back seem possible?

I think this is the biggest question mark when it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks’ future. Brent Seabrook might not be the best player on the Chicago Blackhawks, however, he is the heart and soul of this team.

Whether or not Seabrook is going to make a comeback in the future could determine the fate of the team. If Seabrook is done, Chicago is going to try and trade away his contract as they did with Hossa. This could result in the team losing more young assets along the way, and result in an even longer rebuild a few years down the line.

However, if Seabrook does play again maybe he will come back better than ever after fixing some injuries that were obviously bothering him the past few seasons.

We have seen Seabrook play some great hockey in the past, and while he might not be in his prime anymore, I think he can still be a reliable defenseman.

Whether or not Seabrook will play again is a question we might have answered rather quickly into the offseason. If Seabrook is done and the Blackhawks are nowhere with re-signing Dylan Strome or Dominik Kubalik, I think one of those players could be used as a sweetener in taking the Brent Seabrook contract. However, if Seabrook is ready to play then the Blackhawks will still have one of their most vocal leaders in the locker room.