The Chicago Blackhawks that might not be back next season

Jonathan Toews #19, Chicago Blackhawks (Getty Images)
Jonathan Toews #19, Chicago Blackhawks (Getty Images) /
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Chicago Blackhawks, Corey Crawford
Chicago Blackhawks, Corey Crawford (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images) /

Corey Crawford

Corey Crawford does not get the recognition he deserves. He has been the backbone of the Chicago Blackhawks for a long time, and he has not gotten the respect from fans or media alike. During the early years of Crawford’s success people always spoke about how good of a team he is on, and during later years everyone only noticed the bad goals he gave up, not the stellar saves.

Bringing back Crawford next season should be a no-brainer for Stan Bowman. Outside of Crow, there is no real starting goalie in place for the Blackhawks, and he is capable of still playing at a high level.

I do not think Crow is going to ask for a lot of money going into next season. He has played his entire career thus far in Chicago, and this team has given him two Stanley Cups. It seems fitting that he should take a team-friendly deal in order to stay with the Blackhawks, but it is still up in the air.

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Imagine a Blackhawks team that does not have Corey Crawford in net next season. If we want to see the team step forward in the right direction they are going to need Crow. Otherwise, we can kiss the playoffs goodbye and get ready for the draft lottery.

Trading away players solely because of the salary cap is not going to be easy, but getting even a draft pick back for Olli Maatta and Andrew Shaw would be a win in my opinion because it allows the Blackhawks to keep their important players around.

Do you think we missed any players with futures up in jeopardy with the Blackhawks and how successful do you think the team will be next season?