Blackhawks: Every First Round Pick Traded Away By Stan Bowman

Chicago Blackhawks Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Blackhawks led by Stan Bowman have not had the best luck at keeping draft picks within their organization.

There is a price to pay when it comes to winning, and the Blackhawks are living proof of that. Buying in for championships by going out and adding assets at the deadline was something the Blackhawks were accustomed to doing for years, and it left the team with very little prospects.

With that in mind today I want to highlight every first-round pick Bowman has traded away. Either first-round picks drafted by the team, or first-round picks traded away before the draft will be counted here.

A lot of years will be covered on this list as Chicago let a lot of players go along the way. Obviously, everyone knows about the three recent first-round draft picks the Blackhawks have acquired. Kirby Dach, Nicolas Beaudin, and Adam Boqvist are some of the future pieces of this team, but after that Chicago’s last homebred first-round pick on this team goes all the way down to Patrick Kane from 2007.

Building championship teams start in the draft. NHL teams need to build from the bottom up, and that means adding young talent that can either add to the team by playing or by being an asset in a trade.

Most times a team is succeeding at the NHL level in the playoffs you always end up hearing about how good their minor league team also is, or they mention a young player that is going to get a shot in a random game in these series.

Having the young players that can maybe step in come playoff time is very important to a team’s success, and it is why Chicago Blackhawks fans need to settle in for a few years of rebuilding. Especially after you see how few first round picks are still left from the Blackhawks last ten years.

We are only highlighting Stan Bowman’s first-round draft picks as GM, so 2008 and 2009 are off of the hook, so without further ado let’s jump in with a list of Stan Bowman’s traded players from the first round of the NHL draft! We are going to take things years by year so settle in for a long list of players Bowman has traded away.