Blackhawks: Every First Round Pick Traded Away By Stan Bowman

Chicago Blackhawks Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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2011 – Mark McNeill – 18th Overall

McNeill only ended up playing one game with the Chicago Blackhawks after being drafted in the first round in 2011. For a long time he was one of the Blackhawks top prospects destined for the NHL, but he just never developed.

McNeill is an example of why the Blackhawks should at least consider trading their first-round pick this coming year because sometimes it just does not work out. Chicago is set to draft 17th overall at the draft in October. They probably will not see that pick for a few seasons.

McNeill shows the flaw in Stan Bowman’s system when it comes to developing prospects. Bowman is great at seeing talent, but he has a hard time doing much with it. Yes, adding players like Panarin and Kubalik looked good, but our own drafted guys have not really stepped up to the plate.

Chicago needs to do a better job at giving their own prospects the best chance to move up in the league, otherwise, we will not be seeing Stanley Cup Finals in Chicago again for a long time.