Blackhawks: Every First Round Pick Traded Away By Stan Bowman

Chicago Blackhawks Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks Draft (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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2015/2016 Picks Traded

Even though these two picks were let go by the Blackhawks, I still think it is worth mentioning. Chicago traded their 2015 pick to the Arizona Coyotes for Antoinne Vermette, who would go on to help the Blackhawks win their third championship in six years.

With that pick, Arizona added Nicholas Merkley who has not yet played more than five games in the NHL. That trade is in the win column for me as the Blackhawks won a championship that spring. Sometimes you have to buy in to win, and Bowman did that. He tried to again next season but it failed.

Bringing back Andrew Ladd looked like a no brainer. Yes he was on an expiring contract in 2016, but putting him on the topline alongside Jonathan Toews looked like the Blackhawks were destined for a stanley cup parade.

The only issue along the way was the fact that the Blackhawks failed to get out of the first round, and that traded pick all of a sudden looks like a loss for the team. Winnipeg would go on to trade it to Philadelphia. The Flyers drafted German Rubtsov with the pick, although he is not an NHL player just yet we will keep you posted. The last player ont his list is an NHL player though, and one I think many Blackhawks fans want back.