Readers Choice: Who The Chicago Blackhawks Should Draft

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Connor Zary #18, Kamloops Blazers (Photo by Marissa Baecker/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Blackhawks, Corey Crawford
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Corey Crawford’s Replacement?

Corey Crawford is getting towards the end of his run in the NHL and Chicago needs to have a backup plan. Many fans have looked to Yaroslav Askarov as the Hawks’ next goalie. Some go as far as to say the Hawks need to trade up to make sure they get him.

Askarov has the potential to be a stud in the NHL. The best-ranked goalie by some has him as the total package in goal.

If he truly is the total package, how soon does he join the NHL?

If Chicago is willing to have a season of growing pains, keeping Crawford and drafting Askarov as his backup wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. Askarov wouldn’t play as much as Robin Lehner did, but he would get around 30-starts to see where he is. If he wasn’t successful, calling up Collin Delia to take his role gives Askarov a chance to learn the game in the AHL.

It’s a risky move to bring him to the NHL right away though, as Chicago does have a team that could be in the playoffs as soon as next year. If they bring Askarov on board as a backup, they could be preparing to miss the playoffs and just have him learn for a season.

If that’s there goal, it makes sense keeping Crawford. If they have no plans on going for Yaroslav Askarov, they have to find a backup goalie in Free Agency.

Askarov won’t be around at 17 – the Hawks would have to trade up for him. They have a couple of third-round picks. They could trade those and their 17th pick to move up in the draft a few spots for Yaroslav Askarov.