Chicago Blackhawks: 3 Takeaways From The NHL Draft

Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Blackhawks, Stan Bowman
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3 Stan Bowman Focused On the Future

In the eyes of many fans, including myself, the Blackhawks passed on a lot of potentially better prospects at this draft. However, I have to trust that Stan Bowman has a better vision than me.

I really believe that Stan Bowman is beginning to focus on the future and that we might finally be entering some form of a rebuild. A rebuild is never a fun word to hear; however, look at the New York Rangers.

The Rangers have rebuilt their team and are now finally turning the cornerback to contention. They came out and began the process of rebuilding back in 2017. Obviously, the team will have to do a lot of things right to speed up the process of a rebuild, aka drafting well and giving out good contracts, but that past few weeks have shown we might be heading in that direction.

Bowman and Crawford disagreed on a contract. While that is sad to see, it shows this team will not give the big bucks to their older players. Instead, they want to focus on guys like Dylan Strome and Dominik Kubalik, who still have ten plus years to go in the NHL.

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The draft this past week also emphasized Bowman’s focus on the future. Chicago could have tried to take guys that could play a role right away. They could have easily tried to trade up for a player that could make a difference right now, or even use their draft picks to get rid of bad salary. They did not do that, and that shows we are ready to focus on the longterm.