The Top 25 Chicago Blackhawks In Franchise History

By Jimmy Lynch
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks are one of the original six franchises in the NHL. They have some great players that have skated on the ice with the team.

The Blackhawks have won six Stanley Cups in their franchise history. During that time, so many different players have come together to help make this organization a champion. Today I want to look at some of the top players that have played in their organization.

So far in league history, the Blackhawks have played 93 seasons in the NHL. They have made it to the playoffs in 62 of those 93 seasons. Before we turn the page and start looking to the 94th season, let’s take a look at some of the players that played key roles in the first 93 seasons.

Obviously, with how long the Blackhawks have been around, we might miss a few names that could be deserving of spots on this list. However, I certainly do believe all of these players deserve to be here in the top 25.

We have former captains, goalies, and even a coach or two along the way. This is just my personal opinion, if you think we missed a player please let us know or let us know your list!  So let’s jump in with the top 25 Chicago Blackhawks of all time.

25 Niklas Hjalmarsson

Niklas Hjalmarsson spent 10 years with the Chicago Blackhawks from the years 2007-2017. Hjalmarsson played for the Blackhawks and gave his all for the team. In my opinion, Hjalmarsson is one of the best defensemen the Blackhawks have ever had.

In 623 games with the Chicago Blackhawks, Hjalmarsson had 1186 total block shots; that number is amazing. Hjalmarsson constantly put himself in front of the puck to make sure that the Blackhawks could win as many games as possible.

Hjalmarsson also blocked another 298 shoots in 128 playoff games. He was a workhorse for the Blackhawks, and Chicago would not have won all three Stanley Cups without him. Outside of the blocked shots and great defensive play, Hjalmarsson will always be remembered for one of the refs’ worst calls in Blackhawks’ history.

Even though Hjalmarsson never scored too many goals during the season, this team would not have been as good as they were without him. Chicago is now seeing their defensive suffer; Hjalmarsson was one of the people that carried the defense and made it better during his time with Chicago.