Five Chicago Blackhawks to keep an eye on next season

Chicago Blackhawks, Alexander Nylander Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Blackhawks, Alexander Nylander Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Blackhawks, Malcolm Subban
Chicago Blackhawks, Malcolm Subban Mandatory Credit: Andy Devlin/NHLI via USA TODAY Sports /

3. *Insert a goalie here*

While the Blackhawks would like to go out and score seven goals every night, there is still a good chance they would lose thanks to how bad their defense has been in the past.

Having great goaltending has been a staple of the Blackhawks for a long time. Last season brought Corey Crawford and Robin Lehner together to form one of the most dangerous goalie tandems in Chicago history. Now, the team will have Colin Delia and Malcolm Subban if all things work out as assumed.

Going from Crawford and Lehner to Delia and Subban will be a big shift for this team. Think about how many times last season the Blackhawks goaltending stole the game for Chicago. As the Blackhawks’ struggles grew later throughout the past half of the 2010s, the story about the goaltending in Chicago switched from being good on a great team to being great on a good team and finally being the only thing to keep the franchise afloat.

Corey Crawford deserved a lot of money from the Blackhawks organization this past summer because without him, Chicago would have been struggling a lot more and a lot sooner. Crawford carried this team for so long, and now they will try and replace him on the fly.

I just left this spot blank because whoever is in the net game in and game out will have all eyes on them throughout the game. I think no player will benefit from not having fans in the crowd as much as the Blackhawks goalies next season because they will be tossed into a lot of bad situations, thanks to how this team plays defensively.

Now that all being said, the Blackhawks’ plan seems to simply be outscoring their opponents, which brings us to the fourth player on this list.