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Chicago Blackhawks: Kane Confident He’ll Be Absolved

By Matt Barbato

Patrick Kane spoke to the media Thursday for the first time since the rape investigation with which he is involved began in August, as the Chicago Blackhawks reported for training camp in South Bend, Ind. Kane took the podium at the University of Notre Dame to address the ongoing investigation.

Although Kane couldn’t comment on the legal process, the 26-year-old expressed belief that he will not be charged of any crime.

“Once all the facts come to light, I am confident I will be absolved of having done nothing wrong,” Kane said.

Kane had a brief opening statement and conveyed anguish for the distraction this investigation has caused for his family, the organization and the fans.

Following that opening statement, Kane was drilled with questions regarding the investigation, his presence at camp and even was asked if he was going to stop drinking. The answer remained relatively the same. Kane showed gratitude for the question, but did not answer it.

Blackhawks president and CEO John McDonough faced an onslaught of questions regarding the investigation Thursday. He mainly stuck to the script and refused to answer any questions regarding Kane’s investigation and status within the organization.

McDonough was even asked about a reportedly “volcanic” reaction he had to the Kane news. He said it was a complete fabrication.

Many are outraged that Kane was even attending camp and that outrage continued into the press conference. David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune practically called out the Blackhawks for bringing Kane to the podium to essentially answer none of the media’s questions. The word embarrassment was tossed around quite a bit regarding Chicago’s handling of the situation.

Joel Quenneville said the team would be “fine” in dealing with Kane’s investigation during training camp. Jonathan Toews called the distraction a “non-factor.”

“For the three of us (Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook were alongside Toews) and the other players trying to make this team, our focus is on our job on the ice and focusing on that,” Toews said. “To a certain degree, nobody wanted this. But we don’t want to get into those details right now.”

When asked whether he thought Kane could be a leader with all the new faces on the Blackhawks, Keith said, “I think so.”

After a press conference filled with some rambling, some yammering and a lot of appreciation for questions, there are still very few substantive answers to the Kane situation. Right now, Kane is at camp preparing for another season, and he believes he will be absolved of any wrongdoing. There won’t be much more to say besides that until the investigation concludes.

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Other Blackhawks notes 

Quenneville announced that Seabrook will be the new assistant captain. Seabrook replaces Patrick Sharp as the assistant captain after Sharp was sent to the Dallas Stars in a trade. Seabrook also said that he and Stan Bowman have had some talks regarding a new contract situation.

Both Keith and Seabrook logged heavy minutes toward the end of last season, but they both said they hadn’t changed their offseason routines at all.

Seabrook said the Blackhawks are not taking a holistic approach to defending the Stanley Cup a third time since 2010. The short-term goal is to get back into the playoffs, something the Los Angeles Kings failed to do during their Stanley Cup defense last season.

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