Blackhawks: Changes will Only Come with Stan Bowman’s Firing

Stan Bowman, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Stan Bowman, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks have not won a game through their first six matchups of the season. Changes will only start once Stan Bowman is fired.

Despite Stan Bowman building a playoff-caliber team on paper, the Chicago Blackhawks are a pathetic 0-5-1 with a recent humiliating loss to the Detroit Red Wings where the United Center was full of “Let’s go Red Wings!” chants. The fans are now cheering for the other team, booing the Blackhawks, and the team looks demoralized. Jeremy Colliton has lost the team and the fan base.

However, Stan Bowman seems to be nowhere close to making changes to the coaching staff as his “hand-picked” coach is given the longest leash in the NHL. Despite the fact his team is clobbered in the defensive zone, Colliton continues with his man-defense system. Even though his team cannot maintain any kind of offensive pressure, he still insists on a four-line rotation with a constant dump and chase (which is usually immediately countered by the D for a odd-man chance against).

It has become well-known that Stan Bowman isn’t close to considering the thought of firing Jeremy Colliton. Patrick Kane is an outspoken supporter of Colliton’s approach, and the players seem to have bought into his system, despite Marc-Andre Fleury getting shelled every game. The bad part?

Everyone is taking Colliton’s thought process. Watching Alex Debrincat‘s press conference was disturbing, especially his lack of energy. The constant “We’ll get better” and “We just need to try harder to get in the win column” isn’t taken seriously by anyone anymore. This team needs a change in the front office AND behind the bench.

Yes, I was a supporter of this team and of the decisions of the front office. “They need to convert on their chances” I said, “They will be a dangerous team once they get going” I also said. But I’m concerned with the lack of motivation this team seems to have right now.

They need to fire everyone EXCEPT Marc Crawford for obvious reasons. Bowman needs to go, regardless of his Team USA job. This team is a playoff contender on paper but is playing like a tanking team who didn’t just trade their first-round pick of this year.

Changes need to come to the Blackhawks due to their lack of play and their woeful effort on both ends of the ice. Though Bowman built a playoff roster, the coach can’t bring them to play to their full potential. As Bowman is nowhere close to firing Colliton, Wirtz has to make the move himself by firing both of them.