3 major setbacks the Blackhawks suffered this season that won’t be issues in 2024-25

The Chicago Blackhawks suffered a plethora of major setbacks in 2023-24, but a few of them won’t be major cases next season.
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The Blackhawks will have a chance to win when the backup goaltender plays

Yeah, we have discussed a few replacements for Arvid Soderblom before. And while it’s a mystery to whether general manager Kyle Davidson will sign one of the players I previously listed, you can expect him to make what has become a much-needed upgrade. 

No, Soderblom hasn’t played as poorly lately, having allowed just two goals on 23 shots against the St. Louis Blues and one in what was a shocking 5-1 win over the Philadelphia Flyers. Soderblom has yet to record a shutout, but even as bad as this season has been for him, he couldn’t have played much better. 

At the same time, you can’t help but know that it’s too late, as between March 21st and April 12th, he did allow four or more goals on three different occasions. His GAA is still an unacceptable 3.88, even for a bad hockey team, and his save percentage is a meager 0.880, with 21 goals allowed above expected at even strength. 

It’s more than safe to say the backup slash 1B goaltender that Soderblom is has been a major setback this season. But that won’t be the case when Davidson finds someone else to supplement Petr Mrazek. No, it won’t be a franchise savior, but you won’t need to roll your eyes when you see that Mrazek isn’t starting, and you’ll also know the Hawks will have a much better chance to win. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference)