Loss of Niemi reminiscent of Havlat, Khabibulin leaving town

Sorry for the delay in posts, everyone. I decided to take a good chunk of time off before camp gets underway and I begin writing like crazy. Problems? You’ll get over them.

I remember July 1, 2009 vividly.  Marian Hossa signed a mega contract with the Blackhawks, and I leapt in jubilation. I texted friends, made phone calls and began dissecting the ‘Hawks roster in preparation for the new lines.

But what I remember most is the lack of enthusiasm amongst my fellow ‘Hawks fans. Signing Hossa meant the inevitable departure of  Martin Havlat, and no one could seem to get over it — especially when the ‘Hawks confirmed Hossa would be out until November with an injury.

Later in the day,  Nikolai Khabibulin signed a multi-year deal with the Edmonton Oilers, meaning the ‘Hawks would go with a combination of  Cristobal Huet and an unknown in net for the upcoming season. On a day when I felt the Blackhawks improved considerably — using the money saved on Khabby’s cap hit to spend on Hossa — no one shared in my optimism.

Just over two years later, with a Stanley Cup championship banner set to be raised, the pity party over departed Blackhawks reached its climax with  Antti Niemi’s move to the San Jose Sharks. And similarly to a couple years ago, I refuse to shed any tears.

Though the ‘Hawks shed salary this off-season trading away fan favorites  Dustin Byfuglien, Kris Versteeg, etc., I don’t lump those moves in with Havlat/Khabby. The ‘Hawks had to make cost-cutting decisions and they were the casualties. So be it.

As much as it can be construed as such, letting Niemi go wasn’t simply based off the salary cap but rather return on investment based on performance. Havlat, Khabby and Niemi all felt they deserved more than what the Blackhawks were offering. Havlat and Khabby found takers, and the Blackhawks look like geniuses. Havlat has played like dogshit, and Khabby is getting ready to serve jail time.

Furthermore, I’m not fully convinced the Blackhawks would have jumped and paid Niemi what he wanted if they had the cap money to spend on him.

The fact Niemi signed for less than the arbitrator’s award ($2 million compared to $2.75) means the rest of the NHL agreed with the ‘Hawks. It’s proof the ‘Hawks simply don’t play hardball — here’s what you’re worth, take it or go find it somewhere else. So far, the Blackhawks haven’t been burned.

Once again, the fan base is having a hard time watching a guy go. It’s a bit more understandable this time around given Niemi back-stopped a Cup winner, but I guess I’m in the minority thinking the Blackhawks will be just fine with  Marty Turco. Sure, he hasn’t won a Cup. Niemi hadn’t either until June.

What I see from the Niemi signing is the Sharks putting themselves in a situation similar to the 2008-09 Blackhawks: Two netminders who can be considered No. 1s, and because of that neither is the definite starter. Meanwhile, the Blackhawks go into the season with Turco as the clear-cut guy ready to defend the franchise’s Cup and win one for himself. I’m not complaining.

While seeing Niemi in Sharks teal may be strange, remember the way Chicago felt when Havlat and Khabby took the money and ran. Greed got those two nothing but mediocre teams and a bleak future.

The Blackhawks got a Cup.

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  • Dave Mayer

    Niemi presided over the highest-scoring, lowest-margin-of-victory Cup finals in the last 20 years. That’s called a shootout series; we outscored the Flyers to win, plain and simple, and it’s not like we were facing some perennial Vezina candidate at the other end, either. I’m sorry to see Niemi go, because I think he had long-term potential for us, but the ‘he-backstopped-us-to-the-Cup’ crowd needs to take a hard look at the numbers from the Finals.

  • pk

    You say just over two years later, but Havlat and Khabby only left a year ago.

    I for one am all ready to start booing Nemo in teal. Let’s get this season started!

  • Rachel

    Jeff I’ve missed your posts so much! Haha
    I totally agree with what you’re saying.
    We have some kick ass defense on the ‘Hawks, we don’t need a superstar goalie. Plus, Turco has been around the block, he knows what’s up and how not to ask for more money than he deserves. Ahem niemi

    Now I’m not a niemi hater, I will obviously miss him, but there are so many new kids on the team that there are plenty of players to love.
    Hell yea I’ll miss Burish and Versteeg, but Versteeg didn’t show up to play until the post season, and Burish is getting to be the star on another team that almost doubled his salary.

    I talked about this in my blog post for my American studies class (http://fremdamericanstudies.ning.com/profiles/blogs/where-oh-where-did-our-dream) but I just couldn’t agree more.

  • Ed Worden

    Good to see some common sense regarding ‘Hawks moves and non-moves. I was happy to see Hurtin’ Havlat Khabi-oops take their injury-prone bodies elsewhere. It would have been nice to have Niemi back between the pipes, but everyone knew that the ‘Hawks had little cap room and, like most other NHL teams of the last few years, were willing to spend on the entire defensive unit and not one person n front of the net. Niemi’s agent was playing poker with Bowman, not knowing that Scotty’s progeny had an ace (hopefully) up his sleeve.

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