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Victory Within Defeat: 'Nucks Top 'Hawks, Show One-Dimensional Game

I’m seeing a lot of mainstream press comments about the Blackhawks not being ready to play, and putting in a poor effort, and what-not. Sorry, guys, you missed the point. The end result of this game means zilch: the game within the game is what matters here, and all signs point to a Blackhawks series victory.

Anybody could have told you two days before the game how the Canucks were going to start: fast, hard, mean, chippy, trying to give the fans what they came for. They managed to sustain that for about 12 minutes, and scored two goals. The rest of the night, zippo. The last two periods the Hawks shut down the Canucks offense and out-shot them 25-20. The Tampon Twins did not appear on the scoresheet (except for getting a penalty), and Ryan Kesler only managed one assist. Those three accounted for 40% of the Canucks’ goals during the regular season; tonight, zero.

The Canucks were hitting hard all night, but the Blackhawks took no retaliation penalties, and were winning the battles for the puck — meaning the Canucks’ physical play strategy didn’t work. The Canucks’ scoring chances were largely odd-man rushes off of steals shallow in their own zone. We can remedy that problem, and then what are they going to do? The Blackhawks spent more time deep in the Vancouver zone than the Canucks did in Chicago’s zone — also a very good sign.

And finally, the difference in goal was stark. Corey Crawford was composed, pounced on rebounds when it was safe, appeared confident with his poke-checks and puck-handling overall, and had a solid night in net. Conversely, Roberto Luongo, in his typical fashion, looked like a deer in the headlights. When a puck went past him to the side of the net, his head started whipping around like a weather vane in a tornado. He had *no* clue where it went, or where it was coming out. He had a lot of help from his defensemen, as well as the post in several instances, and overall had a middling performance. Half an inch difference on the three bell-ringing shots, and the Blackhawks win 3-2. If that’s the game he’s going to bring to this series, the Canucks are already in trouble.

Things for the Blackhawks to work on: turnovers near their blue line, and turnovers near our blue line; shot selection; opening up passing lanes in front of their net, and setting up the tic-tac-toe plays that Luongo can’t handle; and getting the first goal — the Blackhawks play much better when protecting a lead.

And we absolutely have to get into Luongo’s grill a lot more. The only thing I want him to remember from this series is the view of Troy Brouwer’s butt in his face. Shoot for the mask. Wrestle defensemen into the crease. “Lose your balance” and crash into his pads. Anything and everything, early and often. It’s worked beautifully before, it will work again.

In each of the last two years, the Blackhawks have knocked the Canucks out of the playoffs. In each of the last two years, the Canucks have won the first game. So sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen. We’ve seen the Canucks’ game plan, and they are going to try to execute it for the rest of the series. That won’t work.

You can bet that Coach Joel Quenneville is, as I write this, reviewing game tape and working on the Blackhawks’ game plan for Friday. The Canucks have shown us every card in their hand. QStache will know how to counter the Canucks’ game, and if the team is able to execute his strategy, this is the only game when Canucks fans will go away happy.

Check back on Friday for the game 2 preview, and we’ll do it all again — except this time with more beer, since we don’t have to work the next day. Apologies for no ‘Boxing’ today, technical difficulties are preventing Mr. Bartl from performing his post-game duties. And by ‘technical difficulties’ I mean spending quality time with his nether regions.

Just kidding, Jeff…

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  • BB

    What a joke. Who writes this nonsense? Things for the hawks to work on: scoring goals, not getting embarrassed. Not surprising when they couldn’t even get it up to take a must-win. Relying on Minnesota to get you in the playoffs? Bahaha.

  • rich lindbloom


    You made the Nucksmisconduct comment board. Bottom of the string of comments “Check this game recap out for a good laugh.”

    It seems like the Nuck fans are oblivious to the term , “Rope a Dope.” The undermanned Hawk squad this year has proved resilient, if nothing else. I for one and not about to crown a bunch of lumberjacks quite yet.

    One last thing – we need to quit whiffing on shots.

    • Tim Currell

      HA! Means we’re getting under their skin. I like it…

  • Saskjet

    Second City Hockey moderators accuse you of drinking Kool-Aid, advise “backing up the truck”…I accuse you of Insightful thinking

  • Saskjet

    Second City Hockey moderators accuse you of drinking Kool-Aid, advise “backing up the truck”…I accuse you of having Insight

    • Tim Currell

      Hey, anybody who reads my stuff knows I’m not the least bit afraid to call out the ‘Hawks when they’re sucking on the urinal mint. Been doing it all season long, won’t stop now. I may seem delusional to those guys, that’s fine. But if I’m right, I’ll be about the only guy who was.

    • rich lindbloom

      if your going to go down, go down swinging. When did all this praising the enemy crap start, (regardless if it’s true or not.),hit someone, kill the ref and (Kaner), SHOOT.

      And another thing, The canucks got away with boardin/charging all night long. Glass tried to injure Johnson.

      We don’t need to raise the white flag like that statue of Nielsen outside their rink. Let’s see, the staute outside the U. C. shows about 8 famous Hawks looking like they want to kick someone’s ass. The vancouver staute – the guys waving the white flag!

      Keep up the great analysis Tim!

    • TonyLvNv

      Second City Hockey lost credibility for me last Sept. with their Man Crush on Viktor Stahlberg. They readily ripped 19 year old kid prospects, while treating Stahlberg with kid gloves. I don’t care how fast Stahlberg is, without that stint on line with Toews and Kane, this guy only has about 6 goals all year.
      I watched the same game Mr. Currell watched Wed. night, and agree with 99% of what he wrote.
      Lady Luck was on the Canucks side the other night. For example, The Brian Campbell shot that went off Louongo’s skate, hit the post, and bounced right in front of him. 999 out of 1000 times that’s a goal.
      Does anyone really think the Toews-Kane-Sharp line is going to be held scoreless 2 games in a row? No way!
      I was very impressed with Corey Crawford Wed. After the first 2 goals he kept his composure and was stellar.
      I’m not giving up on the Hawks because they came out flat for 7 min. and are down 1-0 in a 7 game series.

  • Nuxfan

    You guys got whipped by our third and fourth line….nuff said.

    PS. Kane’s a virgin…just sayin…

    • rich lindbloom

      I guess you’re referring to all their bordeline hits. Your third and fourth line thugs could have starred in the movie, “Islamic Torrorists Gone Wild.”

      On a side note, I’d love to go back and read some of the articles from last year after the 5-1 loss in the opener to Vancouver. I distictly remeber many people saying the how great the canucks were after that game. (Chiago writers I mean.)

      • Confused

        @rich – “Torrorists” – what the heck is that? Are those people that go around in Spain scaring bulls?

        The rest of your comment lost credibility after your inability to spell!

        • rich lindbloom

          Sister Jocile,

          So your telling me at first you thought my first line was credible? Incredible – that’sa first!

          I’m still laughing about your bulfighting comment – that was good.

          Finally, I’m writing on the chalkboard 1,000times;

          I will learn to spel
          I wil learn to speell
          Eye will lern to spell
          i we’ll lern two spelll

          • Confused

            @rich – great banter.

            I’m writing on the chalkboard;

            1 game does not win a series
            2 games does not win a series
            3 games does not win a series

            Nuck’s fan here, but game 1 means nothing for either team (based on the last 2 years). Now its groundhog day again, and we’re back to canucks up by 1, and can they keep it.

            And the worrisome part for a nucks fan isn’t the players, but how soundly Vancouver was out-coached last year. Game two will be the one to watch for sure.

  • HawkeyMcGee

    I disagree. Mortal Kombat is a very good game but Donkey Kong is better.

    Seriously though, both goals were nice plays, regardless of the line. Hawks didn’t get bounces. That was the difference.

    Bieksa is a nozzle.

  • Alex

    82 of 262 goals isn’t 40%. Try 31%.

    • Tim Currell

      You left out Henrik. 101 goals. 38.5%. Going to split hairs over that? Point being, last night they had 0%. The Blackhawks can, did, and will shut them down.

      • rich lindbloom


  • Mack

    “The Tampon Twins did not appear on the scoresheet (except for getting a penalty), and Ryan Kesler only managed one assist. Those three accounted for 40% of the Canucks’ goals during the regular season; tonight, zero.”

    And you know how many goals your precious Kane, Toews, Sharp and Hossa accounted for? That’s right, a big zero.

    The Canucks won because they got contributions from the entire lineup. Every line was flying, so unlike the Blackhawks, the Canucks don’t need to worry about trying to hide their fourth line and bottom defence pairing. We didn’t need the twins to score, because we already had the lead. The Canucks played a dominant first period, and then the game evened out.

    If you want to tell yourself that your team is so flawless that you have to blame the posts for not scoring, that’s your business, but don’t hate on our stars because yours didn’t show up.

    • Tim Currell

      Who’s hatin’? I’m just telling it like it is. Nobody on our team lit the lamp, that’s evident to anybody.

      Will our top guys break out? Will Vancouver’s? I think there’s a better chance Chicago’s top guys start producing. They did the last two years. Plus, Chicago was able to shut down the ‘Nucks stars all series long. Doesn’t bode well for your chances.

      • Turvey

        I guess Chelsea Dagger is gathering dust on the turntable eh !
        Oh and the Canucks found a use for Kanes Mullet.They can use it to Ragdoll him around like a stuffed toy !
        Canucks in 5
        Der da da der da da

  • Hawks Fan

    By Vancouver’s “one dimensional game” are you referring to their physicality, their depth scoring, their mobile defense, or their solid goaltending? If anything, the Hawks show a one-dimensional game by stacking their top line and hoping for the best, wouldn’t you say?

  • Justin Turkington

    Great article. You’re spot on about Luongo. He was terrible. He barely even got a shutout. Also, I can’t believe how stupid the Canucks are. Everyone knows that by going out and winning games reveals your game plan to your opponent. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when we lull them into a three game lead and then BAM we hit em with our best stuff. GO HAWKS

    • scattershot

      You want to know what the Hawks game plan should be? Injure Canuck players and run Roberto Luongo.

      I am not sure if they can get away with running Roberto Luongo anymore since they changed his whole damn playing style just for the Blackhawks! Luongo use to come out and challenge shooters, which works well in the regular season when the referees enforce the rules on goalie contact, but then in the last 2 playoffs Luongo found out that if you are playing out of the crease against Chicago, the referees no longer seem to give you the interference calls (see Buf’s beautiful pitchforking of Luongo into that goal). So Luongo plays back in the crease at all times so he doesn’t get knocked off stride while trying to make saves. Not much you can do about that…

      On the other hand the Canucks (and in particular their defenseman) have been decimated injury wise heading into their last 2 encounters with the Hawks.
      Going into last years series Canucks had only 3 of their Dman (and 3 of their top 6 forwards) healthy.
      And by the end of the series the Canucks only had 2 top six D-men healthy! Knock out some Canucks defenseman with some cheap shots and that will get you back in the series.

      Troy Brouwer’s a pretty mean slewfooter. I mean if the 3rd and 4th line can’t score for Chicago then give them a new mission — injure the Canucks!

      History has shown that a injured and hobbling Canucks team is no match for a an aggressive crease crashing Hawks team. So take the game at the Canucks an injure them!

  • LOL

    Sounds like Hawks fans are trying to reassure themselves that everything’s gonna be okay. Gonna blame the posts?

    Start practicing your golf swing Hawks, everyone knows that your teams fails hard.


    This article is great! I didn’t know Comical Ali from Iraq was writing on the Blackhawks now. You did a better job convincing people Iraq was winning the War against US in 03.

  • jake lowe

    I’m a hawks fan but is this article serious??? like honestly can’t tell if the writer is joking or not. please tell me it isn’t real…

    • Tim Currell

      Have faith, my brother, and watch the replay if you recorded it. The results may not be to your liking, but the game itself was a decent start.

      Remember: last year in the *second* round, we lost to Vancouver in the first game 5-1. Took the series in 6. Friday will tell the tale.

  • SimHL Commissioner

    I thought it was a pretty evenly played game for the last 40 minutes. The Hawks had an emotional weekend and looked a bit unready to play the 1st period. It was a home game for the Canucks so they are expected to win. It is the first team to lose a home game that is in trouble so we shall see how friday goes. As for posts. Shooters call it almost in, Goalies will say it almost missed the net all together. The NHL doesn’t even count them as shots. I kinda think a shot that hits a goalie in an awkward place is more of an almost in shot then a post, and the Canucks hit a few post too so saying if the 3 chicago post shots went in it would be 3-2 is probably wrong unless you also count the 2 Canucks posts as in too. It would be 4-3 Canucks. It’s going to be a cose series.

    • rich lindbloom

      no one’s saying if those post shots went in, we would have won. you had enough of your own. Just that they came awfully close. I’ll take a shot off the post over a shot to the goalies mid section any day. Let’s face it, your shot has to be pretty damn close to the post if you want to score in the NHL, 5-hole excluded.

      I liked your level headed response “Commish.”

  • Kane’s Mullet

    Did your homer brain forget to look at the stat sheet last night? Your Toewes/Kane/Sharp all played 3-4 minutes more than the ‘Tampon Twins’ and were still unable to generate anything. Sure they were able to maintain some sustained pressure but came up with nothing.

    Kane – 23:58
    Toewes – 23:17
    D. Sedin – 16:35 minutes
    H. Sedin – 17:11

    In what world did the Canucks show a ‘one-dimensional’ game when they were able to effectively roll all four lines and the Blackhawks rode on the backs of Kane and Toewes for the entire game and still produced nothing.

    • Trevor

      in the same world where the Canucks show them all their cards in game one, the same world where you’re allowed to count Chicago’s post shots but disregard Vancouver’s, and the same world where a deer in headlights can pitch a shutout; and the same world where you can somehow be so blinded by homerism that you can’t notice anything wrong with any of that. don’t worry, there are a few good Hawks fans out there.

    • Kane’s Mullet

      Let me fix my math on that…

      7 MINUTES MORE than the Sedins

      • Kane’s Mullet

        I’m sure there are, but articles like this give fan bases, in general, a rotten taste in people’s mouths

        • Trevor

          yeah.. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an article this biased. I suppose I should’ve expected as much when it started by calling the Sedins the Tampon Twins. Sometimes I don’t understand how people are approved to write articles.

          • rich lindbloom

            you may have not agreed with the content, but it was a well written article. “Not being ready to play,” and ‘a poor effort” was what we typically read when the hawks lose. In the ebb and flow of a hockey game, one team generally dominates for stretches. As Tim accurately pointed out, your domination lasted 12 minutes.

            The Canucks were awesome during that time – but is 20 hits per period really sustainable – it wasn’t last night. I realize you’ll counter that you took your foot off the gas – sorry I’m not buying that excuse.

            He also noted from that point on that most of your good scoring chances were generated by odd man rushes that resulted from us not getting the puck deep. Not entirely accurate, but there is a modicum of truth to the statement.

            He may have gone over the top when he said Luongo’s head looked like a weathervane in a tornado. But the image was quite funny. Again, from my perspective much more entertaining than the “We have to play for 60 minute crap,” that so many writers cling to. By the way, for either team, it’s nver a good sign when your goalie has to look behind him to look for the puck in a full blown panic.

            It’s no secret that to have success against any NHL goalie you have to crash the net. so when Tim astutely points that out, you get your panties in a thither?

            Truth of the matter is, if two of our best d-men don’t make that blunder on Hansen’s goal, (I said before the series that guy scares me), It would have been a one goal game and you would have been trying to get another goal with your hands around your throats.

            Be real careful with that, “We can turn it on when we want to’ attitude. Could come back and bite you.

            And one other thing, it looks like Tim made no spelling errors.

    • rich lindbloom

      i’m thinking by one dimensional, most Blackhawk fans feel your scoring is going to come from your top line. I realize Kesler and Samuelson require some attention, :), but it’s your first line that carries your team.

      as you point ou, our top guns got diddly squat as far as the score board went last night, but nothing in that game brought me to the point to think that we can’t eventually crack the Great Italian goal tender. Not saying we’re going to scor 7 goals on him, but the levee will break – hopefully Friday.

      By the way, if the Sedin’s were in better shape maybe Vigneault would let them skatea little longer. When you go down 2-0 Friday, I’m thinking they’ll be at 20 minutes

  • Jonathan Toews


  • Johnny Canuck

    “Those three accounted for 40% of the Canucks’ goals during the regular season; tonight, zero.”

    Chicago still lost the game. What happens when they score? They will.

    “He had a lot of help from his defensemen, as well as the post in several instances, and overall had a middling performance.”

    You’re right, he batted 1.000 what a hoser. He had a lot of help from his D? Isn’t that their job?

    “the Blackhawks play much better when protecting a lead.”

    Hey is water still wet? You sir have the insight of Columbo.

    “You can bet that Coach Joel Quenneville is, as I write this, reviewing game tape and working on the Blackhawks’ game plan for Friday.”

    OMG!!! Is he?? Is he really? We have no hope! NONE! Oh wait …. chances are he worked on it before this game too. Fail.

  • Open up and say aaah

    Wow, if my other hand wasn’t busy touching myself after reading this sexy article you wrote, I would clap for you.

    You’ve managed to put a positive spin on everything, you must be a politician. Your talents are clearly wasted.

    Listen, can you help me out? I kinda gave my wife herpes. I’m pretty sure I either got it from sleeping with that hooker in Dallas, who’s going to be my baby-momma, or from that night I spent in the Memphis prison for child pornography. Can you help me think of a nice way to break it to her?

  • Katrina

    That’s your perspective and you present a few valid points but really you lost credibility when you referred to Daniel and Henrik Sedin as the “Tampon Twins”? Can I just say how juvenile, crass and disrespectful that comment is. First of all, the Sedins are tough and resilient players ( watch how many times they get cross-checked and hooked in plays sometimes but keep possession of the puck and yet still generate scoring chances).

    The Sedins have done absolutely nothing to garner this form of utter disrespect. They are world-class guys, all-star players, role models for younger children and philanthropists in the community in which they play ( donating 1.5 million dollars to the local Children’s Hospital and doing so anonymously until the hospital asked to announce it).

    Might I add, unlike Patrick Kane, who I understand is young, but has been on Deadspin for all the wrong reasons. Though there are a minority of Canuck fans( the underbelly of Canuck fandom) who show the same blatant disregard for basic human decency ( as you have done with your name-calling), the majority of Canuck fans respect and acknowledge the talent, skill and leadership qualities of Blackhawk players evinced by call-ins and blog posts by Canuck fans. I can only speak for myself, but I’m certain a large portion of Canuck fans will agree with me, Jonathan Toews is one of the best if not the best team leader in the NHL and I admire him for his leadership and perseverance.

    While Brent Seabrook is a heck of a defenseman and I wish we had him on our team, in addition, he is also quite actively involved in local Chicago charities. Guys like Toews, Seabrook, Sedins and other NHL players deserve respect, even from opposition fans, you don’t have to like them, but give them their due.

    In addition, if you want to be taken seriously and not just be branded an unaccountable blogger who lives in his parent’s basement, then stop perpetuating these sexist notions that have been all too prevalent in sports. I find it really disappointing that in the 21st century, Augusta still doesn’t admit female members and a female reporter was initially banned from locker room interviews.

    Not only that, I find the homophobic and sexist insults hurled at players to be really disturbing. Unfortunately there are people who do read your blog and are influenced by the things you say. Implying that the Sedin twins are feminine and therefore wimpy only propagates such sexist notions in sports.

    Being a member of the alternative media, you should realize that your comments do make an impact and you have to be accountable for them. Female athletes are not wimpy at all, in fact I would argue that they are even tougher than male athletes in some occasions because of the adversity that comes with playing and excelling in sports within a socially constructed male dominance of sports. I don’t know if you have kids or will have kids, but if you have a daughter, just realize that you are not making the future that she lives in any better by discrediting female athletes.

    Truthfully I didn’t mean to get on my soapbox and write this much, but the name-calling really inflamed me. You can make all your points about the game, but don’t verbally assault the opposition players with petty and sexist insults. It’s sad that because of bloggers like you who resort to cheap name-calling that all bloggers are painted( erroneously) with the same brush even though there are some reliable, entertaining, accountable and well-versed bloggers out there.

    • Confused

      I agree 100% with what you’ve written above (as a Canucks fan), but would have to state that if you’re looking for a place to read sporting news that isn’t offensive, crass, and populated by trolls, you’d be better off not wasting your time.

      This author clearly has no social skills, enviable personality, nor desire to better society. His target audience are the bottom feeders of the sporting leagues,and he feeds that audience quite admirably.

      • Wow… just, wow

        I totally agree.

        Plus, you’d think that after 10 years in the league, an Art Ross trophy each, and the respect of all of their peers, the stupid “Sisters” thing would be done by now. It just shows a weak mind and lack of creativity that bottom-feeders keep going back to it when they can’t think of anything else. Even though they were held off of the score sheet, the Sedins and Burrows played a pretty damn good game.

        But, I suppose that it does take a huge amount of creative thought (or delusional thought) to claim the Blackhawks have the Canucks “right where they want them.” The Hawks were out shot, out hit, out scored, and mostly out played in game 1. Vancouver’s defence was too much for the Hawks forwards, and they had to basically go down to one line to try and get something (anything) going. Six players (Toews, Kane, Sharp, Seabrook,Campbell, and Hossa) won’t be able to win the series by themselves.

        If the Hawks want to make this a contest they’ll have to do a lot better in game 2, but I think this year the lack of depth compared to Vancouver will be the end Chicago’s playoff dreams.

    • rich lindbloom

      A little sensitive are we?

      How long have you wanted to vent about Augusta? Guess what – I’m not allowed on that course either. There’s other courses to play – get over it. They don’t want women slowing down the play – (Just kidding Katrina!)

      It seems like most of the caustic replies are do to calling the Sedin’s an off color name. I’m pretty sure you had some names for Buff, Kaner, Bolland et al. last year. We all know the sedin’s are great players – the past few years though they’ve fallen asleep against us in the playoffs when it counted. Not saying that’s going to happen this year, but if history repeats itself.

      In my mind, calling Tim an unaccountable blogger who lives in his parents basement was far more bush league than calling the Sedin’s a name. Pen dripping with a little vitriol there.

      • Katrina

        Perhaps it might benefit you to read my comments again because I clearly stated that “if” the writer of this blog didn’t want to be perceived as someone who lives in his basement he has to be more accountable. I didn’t say that he did, I just merely pointed out that he should perhaps be more thoughtful with his comments. I don’t think my comments were bush league at all…I respectfully pointed out that he wasn’t very accountable with his name-calling. You think an accountable blogger would employ the term “Tampon Twins” to refer to someone. By the way…as I mentioned certainly there are Canuck fans who hurled bush-league insults at Hawks players and as I noted they are the insidious underbelly of fandom… as present in all sports franchises. Please read my post again because you’ll see that I mentioned that I respect most of the Hawks players ( ie. Toews, Seabrook) and didn’t call them anything. Though I did swear several times under my breath when the Hawk players scored a goal or stymied a Canuck player, I never once resorted to petty namecalling. If you read any credible Canucks blog, the authors don’t namecall Hawks players like your blog did.

        • rich lindbloom


          I’m not defending the name calling – I read this site because they are well informed hockey fans, that increase my knowledge of the game. I overlook parts that might be objectionalble, rather than stew over them.

          I didn’t say your comments were bush league – and you do make many valid points. It just seemed your reply was a little caustic to me. How often we decry in others what we ourselves are guilty of. (Talking about myself there also.)

          Good Lord, I hope you guys never have to play Philadelphia.

          I feel like Martha Stewart has just scolded me.

      • Wow… just, wow

        Actually, even if Katrina did call Tim an anonymous blogger who lives in his parent’s basement (she didn’t actually) it’s not even in the same ballpark as calling the Sedins the Tampon Twins.

        For starters, prove to me that Tim doesn’t live in his parent’s basement.

        The above post was clearly written by someone with a lot of time on their hands, and most definitely not a professional writer (the writing itself isn’t very good). The only people I can think of with that kind of free time to dream up this justification for the Hawks poor showing would be someone with no job who lived in his parent’s basement.

        Prove to me otherwise.

        • Katrina


          I got the impression you were defending him in your previous comment, hence the snark. Fair enough, admittedly my tone towards the author of this blog post was caustic, but I think deservedly so. Anyways, I don’t frequent this blog considering I’m a Canucks fan and all, but I guess I’m sick and tired of insults used in sports with underly sexist messages in addition to how little respect the Sedins seemingly receive around the league. And the author’s crassness and utter disrespect in flinging that term really incensed me. Still I stand by what I said towards the author, though perhaps in a less condemning tone.

          Anyways, I’m tired of of commenting on a sports blog when I should be working. So truce or an agreement to disagree between you and I, eh Rich?

          • rich lindbloom

            Truce – but…

            Something tells me the sedins would be less offended by this than the fans. personally, even though the blogs can be a lot more ribald than the sport columns in the paper, I tend to gather alot more information from them.

            Sometimes i think I’m learning too much about this game and wish I could enjoy it like a newcomer. Back to those time where I was just mesmerized by the speed, skill, hitting and morons on the other team.

            thanks for responding,


          • Confused

            Somehow, I think the best justice to this insulting, and female-hating clown that owns this website, was the schooling that the “Sedin Twins” did of his team yesterday.

            Obviously, this guy is not a “visionary sport leader”, the true value must be in other sensible people such as @Rich.

  • Katrina


    Rest assured, this blog wasn’t and won’t ever be somewhere I turn to for expert opinion. In fact I was redirected here via. the Province…and checked it out.

  • hockeygm

    Wow talk about homer goggles. The hawks are done like dinner. Time in the zone?? Canucks had better chances on hawks powerplay then the hawks did. If abody came away with zippo it was the hawks or did you forget the score 2-0 47 hit to 21, 2 hawks out with injuries already. Its all over but the crying.

  • Pass the lubongo

    Coaching changes? Can they play only Toews, Kane and Sharp the entire game? Otherwise Canucks in 6, in Chicago’s rink. I hope Kane cries.

  • Radiowave

    You lost me at “Tampon Twins”

    Completely unprofessional; and will make anything you write in the future be taken with a grain of salt.

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  • bygfeete

    Gotta say, Tim

    Despite the blatant homerism, intentional disregard and full blown campaign year spin you put on everything that ocurred in game one (which is expected and fun on an opposing team blog) you threw away any real expectation of being listened to further when you used that prepubescent petty attack on the Sedin twins.

    They may not play a physical game, which I definitely prefer in my favorite players… Trevor Linden being my all time favorite (classy as hell, and played tough) but the Sedins are great contributors to their community and extremely smart and gifted players on the ice.

    That one statement paints your entire article with the “I am a pissed off child and just don’t like you guys” brush.

    Bad form, poor writing, less character. Big fail.

  • R L

    Glad to see what you think of a teams 3rd and 4th lines. Then again, neither versteeg, burish nor ben eager were key parts of chicago’s run last year…right?

  • justin

    Dude what a joke. You honestly think 25-20 for shots in 2 periods is something to brag about? Give it a rest.

  • Kevin Douchy

    Sorry, but YOU missed the point of this game. Fact is, Canucks scored two more goals than the Hawks!

  • Pass the lubongo

    We want Dallas.

  • lee

    I really appreciate you guys spotting us one, I was going to send you a best wishes card, but after spotting us two,
    I don’t know … I am thinking a set of golf clubs?

  • lee

    Forget the clubs, After spotting us the third one, I am going to send you the golfcart, take a look behind the seat, there is a box of golf towels.

    • Confused

      Bizarre game to say the least. It seems like the Hawks have zero interest in actually winning the game!

      1. No desire to keep or extend a lead
      2. Dressing John Scott, who always seemed to be on the wrong side of the ice, as he clearly couldn’t keep up with speed. Seriously, that was a gimme to Vancouver’s fast forwards, and he did nothing tonight
      3. Kane is playing Casper. Actually, I think you might see Casper the ghost *more* than Kane, he’s the Hawk’s biggest let-down this series.

  • Michael

    Well this is awkward now isn’t it.. foot in mouth?

  • First time here, probably the last, too

    ” …all signs point to a Blackhawks series victory.”

    I think those signs were put up by Wile E. Coyote.

    Beep Beep!

  • Confused

    That’s not very Canadian. We should be humble and apologetic to our team talent lacking, goal seeking neighbors to the South.