No Suspension for Torres; Toews Downplays Canucks’ Dominance


Word came out today that Vancouver Canucks’ notorious jackass Raffi Torres will not be suspended for his crushing hit on Brent Seabrook in Game 3 on Sunday. And before any of the Canucks fans who have been chiming in on this site begin foaming at the mouth, read what one of your own had to say about Torres and his hit.

Seabrook sounded off on Torres, saying the hit deserved a suspension. Ignoring the fact Seabrook is obviously biased toward the decision being the recipient of the hit, remember that Torres just recently came off a suspension for a cheap shot on Oilers’ rookie Jordan Eberle.

In a brief Twitter discussion I had today with the The Globe and Mail’s  James Mirtle, he had this to offer regarding the NHL and their policies toward these types of hits:

For a repeat offender, you’d think the NHL would make an example during the playoffs. The NHL states that behind-the-net hits should be expected by players more than a hit in the neutral zone because hits are more north-south rather than east-west in a high-traffic area. Hmm…

I’m not even too upset this happened to a Blackhawk and it happened to be douchbaggery of a Canuck, but more that the NHL’s consistency is wildly inconsistent. More players will get hurt while the offices try and figure it out.

UPDATE: Colin Campbell released this statement regarding the hit:

 “When Rule 48 (Illegal Check to the Head) was unanimously adopted by the General Managers in March 2010, there was no intention to make this type of shoulder hit to the head illegal. In fact, at that time, we distributed a video to all players and teams that showed a similar hit on a defenseman by an attacking forward coming from the opposite direction behind the net and stated that this is a ‘legal play’. “This hit meets none of the criteria that would subject Torres to supplemental discipline, including an application of Rule 48: he did not charge his opponent or leave his feet to deliver this check. He did not deliver an elbow or extended forearm and this hit was not ‘late’.”


Mirtle posted a story today quoting Jonathan Toews as saying the Canucks may be receiving too much credit during their dominant run to a 3-0 series lead. While I appreciate that Toews is a bit shell-shocked the Blackhawks haven’t been able to produce much of anything in this series, don’t count me in as one of the surprised. Here’s what Toews had to say:

“Everybody wants to look at the stats all year and talk about what they do well and how good of a team they are. And that’s what’s frustrating because we’re not exposing them for what they really are… A lot of people outside of this locker room are giving them too much credit and maybe we are as well.”

The problem is the ‘Hawks have been talking like this all season. How many times have we seen quotes saying, paraphrased of course, “We need to get better,” or, “We’re better than we’re showing we are,” or “We’re not very happy right now.” … ? We’ve been hearing this stuff since November, and nothing has changed.

If the Canucks are getting too much credit, than maybe we would have seen the Blackhawks team Toews is speaking of over the course of the last 180 minutes. Prove it in Game 4, then again in Game 5, and come back home to the United Center in Game 6 back in the series if that’s really the case.

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  • Kevin

    Ha ha ha ha ha. No suspension. And 3-0. I told you bitches!!

    It was a clean hit. And I actually like Seabrook, but he went behind the net, looking in the other direction. That’s just stupid, sorry.

    Originally I called Nucks in 5, but you guys just suck, so a clean sweep is not out of the question.

    • Jeffrey Bartl

      Very insightful, Kevin.

    • hawksfan

      bitches? Your fucking mother maybe.

  • Ryan

    Toews is essentially a kid who just Hasn’t Really Lost Before. I mean, yeah, they lost to the Wings before they won the cup but there’s a huge difference between an expected loss on the way to something greater (which is how anyone with a brain observed the Hawks that year) and flaming out after probably one of the best career years by an NHL player, ever. Conn Smythe, Stanley Cup, Gold Medal – all this guy knew for a year and a half was dominance, and he still has in mind that the Hawks are the same as last year. He truly believes what he is saying, but that doesn’t mean he can do anything about it.

    As a side-note, you ought to write something up about Bolland and Seabrook. These guys can’t be allowed to play if they’re still woozy and dizzy – I don’t LIKE Bolland but the last thing I want to see is him out with a headache for a whole season because Torres got the DESTROY command in his mind again.

    For what it’s worth, I didn’t expect a suspension, but I wish they’d just sit him and tell him to calm the fuck down (and I’m a Canucks fan)

  • rich Lindbloom


    You hit the nail on the head. Thinking Bolland will miraculously turn the series around is ludicrous. He hasn’t played in 45 days and he’s going to be the missing link? (Actually, the missing link is on your team and wears #13.)

    I disagree with your comments about Toews – he’s the captain and a statement like that, whether it’s true or not, is meant to fire his team up. While so many head for cover or jump ship, # 19, like Custer unfortunately, will make his last stand.

    “Where no hope is left, is left no fear.” – John Milton

    Go get em Tazer!

  • Mighty Chin

    First off Cam Cole can hardly be considered one of us. He writes for the Vancouver Sun a sister paper of The Province where the majority of sports fans get their information. That was a knee jerk reaction article like most of his stuff.

    I’ve found in the past few weeks that most so-called legitimate reporters, analysts and broadcasters are woefully ignorant when it comes to the Headshot rule. Personal bias plays into a lot of their opinions and they dig their heels in hard. The NHL sent out a DVD to educate the players, coaches and management. The DVD has made it’s way into the hands of fans and reporters, as these things do. I think the problem is  the lack of responsibility taken by the players, coaches and management.

    A player like Torres has stated that if he doesnt make that hit against Eberle than he’s out of a job. Now I don’t believe that for a second but obviously he does. I think if the Coaches and Management across the league made it clear to all their players that these things are not true it would go along way into changing the culture regarding headshots or other dangerous hits. 

    I’m glad he wasnt suspended because I think the league is heading someplace I really do not want to see. 

    Im real tired of hearing that Torres is a repeat offender. He’s been suspended once before, unfotunately it was just recently. His hit on Eberle had a lot of people up in arms too, not just Canucks fans. Torres is a hard hitting player  but by no means a dirty player. My personal opinion is that Abdelkaders high elbow was much much worse and well within thecRule #48 requirements for suspension. I was on the Hawks board after that hit and did not see an uproar over it. 

    I will say that Torres did deserve the 2mins for interference

    I found this site a few days ago after the Tampon Twins article, I have to say it’s a really good read and I will return from time to time for an intelligent Hawks perspective.

    Please disregard other Canucks fans that feel the need to belittle your team. Chicago regardless of some questionable taunting of injured players is a class organization from top to bottom. I for one am glad that they’ve managed to re-ignite the passion for hockey in that city. 


    Go Canucks

    P.s. This was written on my iPhone so sorry if it comes across as a little disjointed. 

  • Bartl

    Thanks for your very intelligent response, which hasn’t been the norm here for Canucks fans the past couple weeks. I’m glad to hear you’ll be stopping in. We like to have fun here while also trying to be as informative as possible.

    I don’t want to hate Vancouver, because your team has so much talent. But to hear the bitterness of some of your fans and not being able to win with any class is tough to get over. And of course I don’t mean you, but most Canucks fans I’ve encountered.

    Enjoy the rest of the series. I’ll be posting after the game.