"All right, first one to get the whole stick up his ass gets the window seat on the way back to Chicago." (Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune)

5-OH!: We'll-See-You-in-Chicago Boxing with Blackhawks/Canucks

And just like that, it’s a series.

Go ahead, lie to me. Tell me you saw this coming. I just may be gullible enough right now to believe you.

Thursday night’s 5-0 bitch-slapping of the Canucks in Vancouver was about as beautiful of a performance as … well, as Tuesday night’s. The back-to-back wet farts by Roberto Luongo with his team a single victory away from eliminating its arch rivals is a classic occurrence from a guy who can’t seem to keep himself composed.

Luongo took off his “Oh Shit” face long enough during interviews Tuesday night and Wednesday to tell everyone how calm he was, how he was going to leave the 6 GA branded on his ass in his rear-view mirror. Then he came out Thursday looking like an AHL castoff. He would have had a better chance stopping pucks if he stood up his tube of L.A. Looks hair gel in the crease.

Much like we were asking where the Blackhawks were the first three games of the series, Canucks fans have to be wondering where the living hell the composed, fluid, throat-grabbing Canucks have disappeared to during the last two. It’s been a meltdown of epic proportions, resorting back to being thugs in the face of adversity.

Alain Vingeault looked up to the scoreboard so damn often I simply thought he slept funny and his neck was stuck. It ain’t gonna change, buddy. You’re still getting your ass kicked. And on top of that, he couldn’t keep his players composed.

Notorious assholes Kevin Bieksa and Alexander Edler decided to forget they were playing hockey in order to get chippy, and things just got worse for the Canucks. Once again, it was phenominal to see. I wrote over and over again this Vancouver team was different from the past two postseasons. Apparently I was wrong. Get this team down, and they fold up quicker than one of those slap braclets many of you are too young to remember.

When Vancouver wins this series (keeping with tradition, so you can breathe now), we’ll at the very least be able to look back at these performances and say, “OK, at least we made a valiant effort to defend the Stanley Cup.

But that flight to Chicago for Game 6 – can you believe it; Game Fucking 6?! – for the Canucks will be so tight they may crumble with a minor bout of turbulence. There may not be as much laughter and tomfoolery as there was on the trek between Game 2 and Game 3.

It’s back to Chicago and the raucous United Center for a game I never thought would come. It seems a while ago I walked past Canucks fans holding brooms heading into the UC from Game 4. Now I hope the ‘Hawks bring me a step closer to shoving them directly up their asses.

A few thoughts before Boxing …

How many of you thought the ‘Hawks were completely screwed after Brian Campbell took that penalty 16 seconds into the game? (/Bartl raises his hand)

Duncan Keith was an ass hair away from a hat trick, as Patrick Kane nipped the puck on past Luongo to put the ‘Hawks ahead 3-0

Although the Blackhawks were 1 for 273 on breakaways Thursday, Marian Hossa made the one look damn sexy. Luongo looked like he was trying to figure out his ride home while Hossa skated in.

How do Canucks fans decide which Sedin jersey to buy? “I’m just gonna get the one for the guy who’s better loo… no, they both look the same. OK, I’ll get the one of the guy who’s got the most career poi… well, that’s pretty much the same, too. Hmm, how about I get the one of the guy who has the least amount of leadersh… well, that’s pretty damn similar, too. Just give me the one of the guy with red ha… damn it, they both have red hair. All right, give me the one of the biggest headcase … (Clerk says) Here’s your Luongo jersey, sir.”

Edler’s elbow to Brouwer was such a bush-league play that he should get a suspension purely based off the fact that he’s a gigantic piece of shit.

Oh, and Corey Crawford had a 36-save shutout. Boo-ya-ka-sha!

OK I’m done. Here’s Boxing:

  • paul wodehouse

    …longtime ChiHawks fan from the mid sixties …Canuck hater not as long but i’m in heaven with the possible four game sweep…

  • rich Lindbloom

    as Co-Founder and President of the Duncan Keith Admiration Society, I want to let everyone know I’ll be accepting applications this Sunday in Section 320. Don’t miss this opportunity to join this Norris Trophy, award winning club.

    I have to warn you, we don’t just take anybody. You’ll have to demonstrate the ability to make a 3 line pass to a cherry picking foward, through a five man neutral zone trap,blindfolded.

    Also, you’ll have to display a willingness to kick a dog while he’s down like the Duncster did to sedin as he tried to recover from campbell’s “viscious” love tap in the opening minute of the game.

    one last criteria – you have to possess a very active stick – get your minds out of the gutter, I’m talking about hockey sticks.

    Great to hear the captain chime in during Boxing today Jeff.

  • http://BroadStreetBuzz.com Eugene

    1. Bartl Boxing: often imitated. Never duplicated.
    2. Perfecttiming by the NHL to announce Vezina finalists

  • kurt esslinger

    (/Kurt raises hand with Bartl) Yup, that’s what I was thinking.

    One thing my untrained eyes have noticed is the Hawks not vomiting up the puck with the first hint of pressure in the past two games. They give themselves that second longer knowing they can skate away with their heads up and find the open man somewhere. Except that Scott seems to have elephant feet skates, uninterested in moving too far even when he has the puck.

    Should we be worried that Van seemed to finally calm down in the 3rd period? I noticed the penalty report in boxing was decidedly less congested. Then again, even a calm Canucks were completely shut down. Let’s hope whatever mojo is dialing all our boys together making passes with ease doesn’t run out before Sunday, eh?

  • Jerry Kayne

    Nothing’s over until we say it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pear Harbor?